How Mobile Games Can Increase Business Performance

By  //  June 14, 2022

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Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing facet of the gaming sector. Recent statistics state that 45% of the US gaming industry’s revenue comes from mobile gaming. That’s a lot of people playing mobile games every day: 1.75 billion per month, actually.

While mobile gaming is something that should be done in your downtime, not while you’re at work, there are a lot of ways that playing mobile online games can actually make you better at your job! For a long time, it was thought that playing any kind of computer game was bad for mental acuity, and some awful events have been blamed on the perpetrator’s love for violent video games. Thankfully, these assumptions have been proven to be false.

Whether you’re a fan of mobile roulette or games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans, playing mobile games can sharpen the skills you need to be the best business person you can possibly be. Let’s take a look at playing games on your phone to help hone your business skills.

Image by Tima Miorshnichenko via Pexels

Problem-Solving Skills

Almost every video game in existence is based around, at least in part, problems that need solving. Completing the challenges before you allows you to gain unique skills or move forward in the game. Solving the issues that appear in the game – be they math equations, taking down your opponents on the battlefield, or building a base that will repel the hordes of zombies coming your way – is essential to winning, surviving, and moving forward. Problem-solving is a skill that all business people in any business need to have. 

If you want to be the best at what you do, your problem-solving skills need to be sharp and well-oiled. You need to be able to solve daily issues on the fly and bigger ones in a calm and level-headed manner. In battlefield situations, gamers have to think quickly, clearly, and calmly under a lot of pressure to ensure that they and their troops get out alive. If you can translate those skills from the battlefield to the boardroom, you’ll do well on the job.

Creative Output

If you’re in a creative position at your job, you know how easy it is to lose touch with the muse and feel uninspired when you need to create on-demand. Spending time on a hobby like playing games you love on your mobile is one way for you to recharge those creative batteries by getting creative for fun.

Because you don’t feel pressured in the game like you might feel at your job, your creative juices flow a lot more naturally, which can remind you how much you love being creative and make it a lot easier and more enjoyable to perform creatively on the job. Taking time for personal projects or hobbies that creatively fulfill you opens up any blocked channels that might be preventing you from doing well in your creative job.

Stress Reduction

Work can be stressful, even if you spend every day doing something you love. There are people above you who need to get results from your efforts, and people below you who are relying on you to guide them and delegate so that they in turn can do their jobs. There might be a family at home who depends on you for financial support, or you might have personal financial goals that require you to push as hard as you can at your job.

Whatever the case, work can bring stress to your life, and that stress has to be managed so it doesn’t create long-term adverse effects. Playing mobile games can be an excellent way to blow off a little steam in the ring or on the battlefield or to lose yourself in a fantasy world and escape for a little while. Reducing stress makes things wiser at work and improves performance overall – a clear benefit of gaming.

Team Work Skills

Though playing single-player games doesn’t do much for your teamwork abilities if you play in a team, clans, or even just a duo, you’ll need to work well with other people to succeed. You’ll have to follow orders or delegate; depending on your position and the game, you’ll have to watch your teammate’s backs and rely on them to watch yours.

If mobile gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, you’ll spend a lot of time developing these teamwork skills that you can easily carry over into your office environment. Operating well within a team at work is more often than not essential to getting things done quickly, smoothly, and successfully. Even if you usually operate in a solo position, it’s worth having teamwork skills in your arsenal because you’ll need them at some point.

Final Word

Your boss might not take kindly to finding you gaming on the job, mobile gaming can definitely have a positive impact on your work life if you know how to keep a balance. Having fun and letting off steam while gaming can improve your business skills in many ways-why not give it a try?