Is DBT Cloud Easy To Use? Here’s What You Should Know

By  //  June 20, 2022

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One of the main problems that small to midsized companies face is the challenge of accessing and using the valuable data that they have. In the modern digital world, data has become ubiquitous with any kind of activity. Every interaction, sale, and inquiry of any kind creates data. Response times, reactions, access, all of these data points are created every day and for companies, this data is one of their most valuable resources.

Data allows companies as a whole to understand how they are doing and can help to give in-depth customer profiles. Ultimately, data should be used to further customer experience and increase the value of your company in powerful ways. Data-driven decisions are what can set your company apart from the competition and give you the edge you need to stand out in a saturated marketplace. 

As technology advances and there are more and more ways to communicate and connect with potential customers, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is becoming increasingly challenging. Data can be a powerful way of helping your company do this because the better you use your data across the entire company, the more you will be able to improve customer experience in a powerful way. 

Access is a Challenge 

One of the biggest problems that companies have when it comes to using their data in meaningful and impactful ways, is access. This has always been a struggle when it comes to data aggregation and integration. When data amass, as it can very quickly, its first deposited into a silo.

A data silo is simply a collection of data that isn’t usable because it’s either not uniform, or it’s hard to access. The data warehouse has long been the solution for this, however, this process of creating and implementing the modern data stack takes a certain amount of skill and training. 

Because the data warehouse isn’t accessible to the average employee, manager, or team leader, this has put companies in another bind. They have the data, it’s been placed in a competent data stack, but now they lack the human resources to access it. Even for large companies that can afford to implement data engineers, these valuable positions can oftentimes get bogged down in the tedious process of creating data pipelines to supply information to specific departments. 

One of the biggest challenges has always been accessing, and it continues to be an area that warrants further investigation. The goal is to create systems that allow departments to easily access data so they can improve their customer experience without having to wait on data engineers who are already bogged down. 

That’s where a tool like dbt Cloud comes into the picture. This tool is specifically designed to help data teams leverage their time so they don’t get weighed down with tedious tasks. By creating a tool that helps to expedite the data retrieval process in a meaningful way, you can not only make data available to departments, but free data engineers to focus on other areas. Finding ways to free your data experts from tedious, time-consuming, and draining processes like creating and maintaining important data pipelines, is a powerful way of moving your company forward. 

How Easy is dbt Cloud to Use?

One of the biggest things that dbt Cloud does, is brings engineering best practices to the world of data. When it comes to the ETL process of the data stack, focuses specifically on the ‘T’ portion. ETL itself stands for Extract, Translate, Load, and is one of the main methods of taking data that couldn’t be used, and making it not only useable to but accessible to a company.

The point of dbt Cloud is to complement your data stack by giving your team the ability to operate without distraction. This open-sourced SaaS tool helps data engineers and your team to do things like form orchestration strategies, and develop CI/CD pipelines with ease.

One of its useful features is that it comes with a built-in documentation viewer which can democratize your documentation on a hosted doc site. This can act as a powerful insight into your projects that help you understand certain aspects like dependencies and their current stage or shape. 

One of the most unique and useful tools that dbt Cloud offers is a competent integrated development environment. This IDE helps to greatly reduce the stress between your team and the databases you are working with. This means you can preview current query versions with a simple key command, as well as compile the query to your data warehouse.


This tool acts as an important element in your data stack that can help to give your team freedom from distractions. It can help alleviate tedious time-consuming tasks that can help to leverage your data team’s talents in powerful ways. This is a great, easy-to-use, complement to any data stack that your team will appreciate.