Is it Safe to Send Verification Documents to Online Casinos?

By  //  June 3, 2022

If it’s your first time exploring online casinos, you might be surprised by the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure. Many first-time gamblers registering with online casinos get frustrated with the lengthy registration process, but it is for the safety of the gambling establishment and players.

It will help if you know the KYC process beforehand to make the entire process smoother and faster.

What do online casinos ask for KYC verification? 

Because of the nature of their business, online casinos are legally obliged to ask their customers to submit certain documents for ID verification. As with online casinos, face-to-face contact is non-existent; you must provide copies of certain documents. Unless you are playing at a without ID casino, you will be commonly asked to upload one or more of these documents to verify your identity.

■ Copy of your social security number

■ Copy of passport

■ Copy of Driver’s License or ID

■ Copy of a utility bill showing your name and address

■ Copy of bank statement for verifying the source of funds

Usually, you need to present only one or two identities. Casinos want to confirm that you are the person you claim to be. They will ask for a copy of your driver’s license or utility bill. However, if there is any suspicious activity in your account, like a large deposit, you might be asked to provide a copy of the bank statement to verify the source of funds.

How safe is it to upload your documents to online casinos?

Many people worry about uploading their verification documents to an online casino, which is a reasonable concern. That is the reason why online casinos without verification are getting trendy in the recent years.

If the online casino you have chosen has a long history (more than a decade) of being safe and secured, there is not much to worry. They most probably have all the security protocols to secure your documents and personal data.

Several casinos are lenient about handling their customers’ privacy, and some are outright rogue and share your details with third-party marketing agencies. To avoid playing at such casinos, research their background and history of handling sensitive user information in-depth and then choose accordingly.

Check for SSL certificates, PCI security standards, and the online casino’s license to ensure that it takes data security seriously.


Don’t get suspicious because the online casino asks for documents to verify your identity. It is instead a common practice. Still, remember that you will be requested to provide these documents at the first withdrawal and not when registering your account. It catches many people off-guard that they have to verify their identity to withdraw their winnings. However, online casinos do so because players are most likely to complete the verification process when withdrawing winnings.

And finally, keep in mind that you must verify your online casino account only once. After providing the documents for account verification, you will never have to repeat the process. If sharing your personal information is too uncomfortable for you, try any without ID casino. These gambling sites allow deposits and withdrawals without KYC, ID verification, or document upload.