Is There Going to be a 13 Reasons Why Spinoff?

By  //  June 17, 2022

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13 Reasons Why was one of the most popular series on Netflix, along with being one of the most important ones. It dealt with pertinent issues that are prevalent in society and helped many people deal with issues of bullying in their own lives.

There has been talk of following up the series from Brian Yorkey with a spinoff, perhaps focusing on some of the minor characters. The show worked well as a standalone offering but, as Netflix tries to stave off other rival services, it may need to double down on its most popular shows.

13 Reasons Why is One of the Most Important Series on Netflix

13 Reasons Why is a hugely important show for youngsters to watch, as it deals with issues of bullying in schools. It goes into detail about the hugely negative and often dire consequences it can have. In the internet age, youths need as many sources as possible that help them protect themselves.

Cyberbullying is a particularly important issue, with many youngsters spending as much as five hours per day on social media. Services like ExpressVPN provide useful tips and advice about how people can browse safely, and it involves changing settings to filter out comments that could offend or trigger. Modern internet users need all the help they can get, though, and TV series like 13 Reasons Why serve a beneficial purpose.

Alongside the series, Netflix released a video with some of the cast members, providing advice to viewers who were affected by the issues. The company also opened some support services that enabled viewers to get in touch with experts if they needed to.

Dylan Minnette Claims a Spinoff Could Happen

13 Reasons Why ran for four seasons and was the second-most viewed offering on Netflix at the time of its release. The critical response to the series was strong as well.

The show received various award nominations and won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series in 2018. It also picked up the accolade for Television with a Conscience in the Television Academy Honors.

Among the praise for the original, there have been clamors for Netflix to follow it up with something else. Speaking to Bustle in 2020, star of the series, Dylan Minnette claimed that there could be another offering in the future. However, he did admit to having no clue what it could entail.

Spinoffs are a great way to boost franchises nowadays, and Netflix’s rival HBO Max seems to be going full throttle on this concept. It’s planning on releasing a Penguin series that will act as a spinoff to the Batman, and it has already brought out Peacemaker, which was a spinoff of The Suicide Squad. The latter was hugely popular, with Empire awarding it four out of five stars.

Netflix needs to do all it can to beat all the other streaming services that are cropping up around it. This may involve revisiting its best offerings and creating related content based on them. 13 Reasons Why could be an excellent series to inspire a spinoff.