Arizona Cardinals Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

As Cardinals fans look forward to a thrilling time watching their team play against their bitterest rivals, officials recommend reserving an Arizona Cardinals parking spot before the game day. Doing so will help everyone get their desired parking spots at better prices and avoid inconveniences on the day. 

How To Buy Arizona Cardinals Parking

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Established as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898, the Cardinals became a part of the National Football League in 1920. They have played as an NFC West member since 2002 and won two NFL championships before the 1970 merger, seven division championships, and one Conference title. 

The team has called State Farm Stadium its home since 2006. It is a multi-purpose stadium located at 1 Cardinals Drive, Glendale, Arizona, featuring a seating capacity of 63,400. Before that, they played their home games in various stadiums and parks like the Sun Devil Stadium, Wrigley Field, Busch Memorial Stadium, and Normal Park. Those planning to see the team’s home games can get Arizona Cardinals parking passes online at reasonable prices.

The Cardinal’s home stadium has more than a dozen parking facilities located just outside it. Fans can get general, accessible, preferred, VIP, RV & oversized vehicles, as well as Arizona Cardinals club parking in these structures. Reserving a spot in advance is highly recommended if you don’t want to fight for it on the game day!

The Cardinals have gained massive popularity among NFL fans throughout the years, and along with it, some intense rivalries. Games between them and the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, and Chicago Bears are always heated and highly anticipated. If you plan to see a game between the Cardinals and any of these teams, you should expect thousands of fellow fans on the day.

Fans looking for accessible parking at the Arizona Cardinals parking facilities should have their license plate, placard, hangtag, or permit on display. There are about 2000 suitable spaces available in multiple locations in the parking lots. Since the spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, we highly recommend arriving at the spot early. You can talk to the parking attendants if you need help finding an empty spot or getting to your seats.

The rates for parking outside the Cardinals’ stadium depend on the location, its distance from the venue, and more factors. Naturally, the closer the parking spot to the stadium, the higher the parking fees. You should be able to find a spot suitable for your budget if you look early online. 

Cardinals fans looking for a cheap parking spot near the stadium can park at Westgate. It is a popular option among budget-conscious people who want to spend as little as possible on parking passes. The area offers many open-air Arizona Cardinals parking spaces located about a ten-minute walk from the venue. It is situated at 6751 N Sunset Boulevard and is available for pre-booking. 

Fans can head to Sportsman’s Park to enjoy tailgating with friends before the games begin. The park is situated at a three-minute walking distance from the venue and provides several parking spaces for those who wish to tailgate. You can go to Great Lawn, which opens at 10 am and closes an hour after the games. 

Alternatively, you can visit the local bars like Bar Louie, The Nest, Native Grill, Whiskey Rose, Yard House, or Fat Tuesday Westgate to enjoy delicious food and beverages. There are many exciting things for Cardinals fans to do before sitting for the games. Reach the venue early, park your car conveniently, and explore the area to make your day even more memorable!

Cardinals’ games are very popular against the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, and Seattle Seahawks. You can also expect heavy traffic and crowds when the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and Cleveland Browns visit.

Those looking to see a Cardinals game at affordable costs can check out the preseason games. Arizona Cardinals parking prices will also be cheaper during the preseason. Nevertheless, getting a cheap parking ticket for the Cardinals games won’t be hard if you look early, not when the game day is very close.

There are approximately 14,000 parking spots spread around numerous lots in the Cardinals home stadium. Finding Arizona Cardinals garage parking or any kind of spot shouldn’t be difficult if you search early as you’d have all the options at your disposal. There are many places online where you can purchase a parking ticket. Make sure to use them to your advantage and compare to find the best prices for the parking tickets you wish to get.

Ride-hailing is the easiest transportation service to get to the stadium if you don’t want to bring your car. The venue offers a designated zone for pick-ups and drop-offs- Black Lot. Fans coming from different cities can use Rome2Rio and similar platforms to get suitable transfers. And if you need an affordable and reliable airport ride, you can take a Phoenix Airport Shuttle. 

Arizona Cardinals VIP Parking

Fans in need of the most exclusive and luxurious parking experience can opt for Arizona Cardinals VIP parking instead. This parking option is limited and accessible to only a few people. They give parking pass holders a premium parking experience during the Cardinals games. You get a reserved space at a spot close to the stadium, from where you can access the venue’s entrance conveniently. These tickets also offer valet services sometimes, depending on the games.

How Much Does Arizona Cardinals VIP Parking Cost?

Arizona Cardinals VIP parking passes are available at $9 and above. The prices can vary depending on the game type, the team’s matchup, whether it is a night game or day game, and more factors. If you look at the passes online, you’ll find a wide range of websites selling them at competitive prices. Browse soon to find the best deals on these tickets. Since they are in high demand, you wouldn’t want to wait too long to secure yours.