Los Angeles Chargers Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

Chargers fans who have secured their seats at the upcoming games should also reserve a Los Angeles Chargers parking spot to ensure a smooth experience. As frequent goers are well aware, the team can draw quite a multitude during their games, sometimes making it challenging for fans to grab a parking spot! However, that shouldn’t be an issue now that the passes are available online.

How To Buy Los Angeles Chargers Parking

Buy them here > Los Angeles Chargers Parking


Buy them here > Los Angeles Chargers Parking Pass

Established in 1959, the Los Angeles Chargers started playing as a member of the AFL in 1960. Before joining the National Football League through the AFL-NFL merger, they moved to San Diego and played as the San Diego Chargers. The team currently competes in the league as a member of the AFC West division and has won one AFC championship and 15 Division titles.

The Los Angeles Chargers have called the SoFi Stadium their home since 2020. It is a sports and entertainment venue located at 1001 South Stadium Drive, Inglewood, California, with a capacity of 70,240 that can be expanded to 100,240. Those looking forward to the home games should book a Los Angeles Chargers parking spot outside the SoFi Stadium in advance.

Luckily, the team’s home venue features multiple parking facilities around it, providing fans with ample spaces to park their cars. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose one, as there are various parking types, including VIP, general, garage, and Los Angeles Chargers club parking.

When you look at the venue’s parking map online, you will see different parking zones- Pink, Purple, Platinum, Green, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Orange, PS-1, PS-2, Retail, and Rideshare/Taxi Zones. And while getting a parking pass for your game day, you’ll receive a color-coded pass linked to a specific zone and a designated entry gate.

Getting on-site Los Angeles Chargers parking can be challenging as the spaces are limited. It is crucial for fans to purchase their parking passes beforehand to avoid missing out on them. The official lots open 4-5 hours before the scheduled games, while the gates open 2-3 hours before the kickoff.

Fans looking for accessible parking will be happy to find suitable spaces in all parking lots surrounding the stadium. We advise booking before the game day since they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All vehicles looking for a spot in the ADA spaces should display a valid disabled parking license, permit, or placard. Since waiting for the game day to acquire a spot in these spaces can be risky, it is ideal to reserve one ahead of time.

Those looking for parking for RVs, limos, buses, and shuttle vans will find spots in Lot P. Note that only the Pink Zone accommodates such vehicles, and all visitors accessing it should have a parking pass. So you’ll need to secure one prior to the game day.

Fans sometimes find the cost of parking passes for the on-site lots expensive. It can get incredibly hectic during big games. That is why some opt for remote parking facilities that offer Los Angeles Chargers garage parking and open-air parking at more affordable rates. Some options are the Civic Center Garage, Senior Center Garage, SFII Flyte, Inglewood Public Library, Locust Street Garage, and Playa District. These structures offer shuttle services to the stadium at $7 for each person. Since on-street parking is not available for non-residents of the area, these parking options should be ideal for those who want to reduce costs.

The venue’s Pink zone permits tailgating for fans attending the Chargers games. However, parking in this zone is limited, so we recommend booking your pass as soon as possible. The tailgating lots open four hours prior to kickoff. Make sure to follow the tailgating rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you don’t want to drive to the venue and worry about finding a spot, you can use the public transit to get to the stadium conveniently. One of the best means to reach the stadium is through the Metro C Line, which stops at the Hawthorne Station, from where you can take the free shuttle bus. You can also travel in one of the Metro Bus lines (115, 117, or 212) that stop near the stadium. Free shuttles run back and forth the stadium every 5-8 minutes before the games and one and half hours after.

Fans needing a ride from the airport should request a Lyft or book a shuttle in advance to avoid waiting for a long time. In fact, whether you’re from Los Angeles or another city, having everything prepared beforehand, including your Los Angeles Chargers parking tickets, is crucial to ensure a comfortable experience. Besides that, you should also reach the venue early to pick the best spots before others arrive.

There are multiple websites online where you can go to purchase your Los Angeles Chargers parking pass. Make sure it is a reliable website before making your purchase to avoid getting scammed. You can compare two or three of them to get the best prices on the tickets you wish to buy. However, don’t wait too long to secure one, as thousands of fans anticipate seeing the games in person.

Los Angeles Chargers VIP Parking

One of the parking options that stands out among others is Los Angeles Chargers VIP parking. You can purchase one this time and enjoy a myriad of benefits, including getting a parking spot close to the venue. A valet service is also commonly offered with these premium passes. So check out your options if you think you’ll need such amenities.

How Much Does Los Angeles Chargers VIP Parking Cost?

Fans should expect to spend $43 and above on a Los Angeles Chargers VIP parking pass as it is limited, exclusive, and packed with amenities. Purchasing early would be ideal if you want to get the best prices on these passes. Also, they tend to sell out soon, so make sure to get your hands on one before someone else does.