Pittsburgh Steelers Parking

By  //  July 11, 2022

It is highly recommended that fans planning to see the Steelers game in person reserve their Pittsburgh Steelers parking before the game day. Getting a parking spot for an NFL game has become even more challenging, especially for Steelers fans because of the ever-increasing fan base. Learning about the parking lots, entrances & exits and getting a parking pass beforehand is crucial to experience stress-free parking.

How To Buy Pittsburgh Steelers Parking

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Buy them here > Pittsburgh Steelers Parking Pass

The Pittsburgh Steelers were established in 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates. They are the oldest AFC and the 7th oldest NFL team and compete as a North division member. Since its first season, the team has secured six Super Bowl titles, eight conference titles, 24 division titles, and appeared in the postseason games 33 times.

Along with gaining fame and popularity, the Steelers have also amassed rivalries with a number of teams, including the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens. Games between these teams are always heated, and therefore, fans shouldn’t waste any time securing their seats and parking spaces while watching the Steelers play with them.

The team plays its home games at Heinz Field, a 68,400-capacity football stadium located at 100 Art Rooney Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Those looking forward to seeing the home games should book a Pittsburgh Steelers parking spot in the venue before the game day approaches to avoid inconvenience and delay.

The nearest parking structure to the stadium is the Champions Parking Garage at Tony Dorsett Drive and West General Robinson Street. You can buy a parking pass online through a reliable website, save the code on your phone, and use it to conveniently access the lot while entering the stadium.

Besides the Champions Garage, fans can also opt for an Alco Parking space. The parking structures are coded in different colors and offer spaces at different rates to accommodate most budgets. If you’re looking for affordable parking, the best options are present in Downtown Pittsburgh. You can park your vehicle at a cheap parking spot, which will likely be further away from the venue, and get to the stadium using the free Light rail or foot.

Some great parking options for budget-friendly parking are Third Avenue Garage, Mellon Square Garage, Grant Street Transportation Center, Smithfield St & Liberty Ave Garage, Fort Duquesne & 6th Street Garage, Oliver Garage, 1st Avenue Garage, Wood St & Blvd of the Allies Garage, and 9th St & Penn Ave Garage. You’ll find suitable spots for Pittsburgh Steelers garage parking in these facilities.

Fans who wish to tailgate before the Steelers games can do so at any outdoor parking lot, which opens 5 hours prior to the scheduled games. Make sure to stick to the tailgating rules to have a hassle-free and safe tailgating experience. Open fires, over-use of alcohol, sale of food and beverages, and tents are not allowed in the lots. It is ideal to get a pre-purchased Pittsburgh Steelers parking pass if you don’t want to waste any time.

Accessible parking slots for fans with disabilities are available in the lots surrounding the venue. All individuals accessing the ADA spaces need to display a valid state-issued parking license plate, placard, or permit. Early arrival is recommended since they are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase an ADA parking pass online before the day of the game.

Public transportation is available for fans who want to get to the stadium without their cars and in the cheapest way possible. You can take the Port Authority Regular Bus Service to get to the venue. Many downtown and suburban routes stop near the stadium.

Downtown shuttle services are also available for fans to reach the stadium from different locations. Fans can take the “T” to travel between downtown and the North Shore with zero cost. Lastly, Lyft and Uber are available for quicker service. The pick-up and drop-off locations for rideshares are present on Reedsdale Street. As you can see, there are many other convenient and cost-effective ways to get to the Steelers games, even if you’re not enthusiastic about finding a Pittsburgh Steelers parking spot!

Popular NFL matches include those that happen between the Steelers and the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, and Baltimore Ravens. You can also expect packed arenas and parking lots when the Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, and Los Angeles Rams Visit.

There are a number of online platforms where you can securely and conveniently purchase Pittsburgh Steelers parking passes. Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for an off-site parking spot, open-air or garage, and more expensive ones like Pittsburgh Steelers club parking and VIP parking.

Since the competition for game tickets as well as parking tickets for a Steelers game has become relatively high, we recommend having everything prepared and ready to go on the game day. You wouldn’t want to wait until the game day to get a pass.

Pittsburgh Steelers VIP Parking

A Pittsburgh Steelers VIP parking option is an exclusive and limited type of parking for fans who want to get a top-notch experience. It carries special perks and amenities that make parking a breeze for its ticket holders. If you want to reserve a spot closest to the venue and enjoy special services while going to the Steelers’ games, we recommend getting a VIP parking ticket. Valet services are also commonly included in VIP parking.

How Much Does Pittsburgh Steelers VIP Parking Cost?

As the name suggests, a Pittsburgh Steelers VIP parking spot is one of the best in the entire venue, making one feel like a VIP! Therefore, it comes at a special price too! Fans can get a VIP parking pass for $68+ or more, depending on the game type, day of the week, the Steelers’ opponent, and more factors. However, you don’t have to worry about getting the best prices for these premium tickets if you look online. We also recommend purchasing soon as the prices can spike when the game day comes near.