Real Estate Video Marketing – Why Is It Essential?

By  //  July 12, 2022

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As the world is evolving, people prefer a more digital-centric environment. They spend most of their time on smartphones or laptops, using these devices for almost everything. And buying a property is no exception. In the real estate industry, customers search for the best properties online before going for a physical visit. 

This is where real estate video marketing comes in, an effective way to boost your sales and customer engagement through social media, testimonials, and ad videos. This marketing strategy can prove to be a valuable asset for businesses to gain a competitive edge and sell properties. Considering the significance of real estate videos, you need a trusted partner to transform your business into a brand by creating different types of videos. Hence, Styldod’s Real Estate Video Maker can help in showcasing your properties and their details effectively. 

If you are not leveraging the power of video marketing, then you are missing out on quality leads for your real estate business and these stats prove this:

■ 85% of buyers and sellers prefer real estate agencies that use videos

■ Listing homes with videos increases the chances of leads and inquiries by four times

■ Emails with videos double the click-through rate and reduce opt-outs by 75%

Benefits of Video Marketing 

■ Showcases Business Personality

■ Engages Audience Immediately

■ Easy to Create

■ Allows Virtual Visits

■ Works at All Funnel Stages

■ Enables SEO Optimization

5 Real Estate Video Ideas You Can Try

■ Property Tour Video

Even a single property video, showcasing the house beautifully can add immense value as you pitch to new prospects. Also, it offers a range of video options where you can record a tour of the hall, living space, building, local area, neighborhood, etc. Feel free to add a few specifics, such as cities, popular places, nature, and more. 

For an in-depth discussion of property tour videos, check out this article by Chris and Karen Highland, Frederick MD Real Estate agents, Real Estate Marketing with Video.

■ Social Media Videos

In today’s digitally-connected world, you can’t ignore social media platforms, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Post different content across these channels. Make sure to make these videos highly engaging, easy to share, and compatible with all devices. Share testimonials or ongoing project videos to develop trust among the audience. 

■ Educational Videos

Newcomers to the real estate and home-buying market will truly appreciate the videos that give detailed insights into the business. It will help them understand the market before making any big moves. Many realtors have seen great results and business growth after posting tips & tricks, how to, what to look for, best ways, and other related educational videos.

■ Customer Testimonial Videos

Not only beginners but veterans in the real estate business need client testimonials to win the trust of their potential clients and build credibility among them. Therefore, ask your clients to share their experiences of working with your company through videos. Cover topics, such as what convinced them to work with you, how they got to know about your business, would they recommend your services to others, and more. 

■ Corporate Videos

Every realtor and agent must make the most of video marketing to promote their business. Corporate videos are an opportunity to share business profiles, including vision, mission, values, team, achievements, current and past projects, and future plans. This will enhance the company’s reputation in the market and build confidence among buyers. 


Buyers and sellers have become more demanding and real estate agencies can’t convince them just by a few pictures and texts anymore. Even an efficiently built website is not enough. You need powerful videos that can convey your company’s credibility, expertise, dedication, and excellence.

Of course, there is a lot to consider while sharing these videos, such as the right platforms, approach, theme, and whatnot. However, once you take the initial step, which is always the hardest, you will soon reap the benefits of video marketing. And in no time, you’ll be way ahead of your peers. 

Author Bio: 

Rahul Agarwal is the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, where he has taught a computer to do interior design! Styldod provides the most hassle-free & inexpensive virtual staging solutions for real estate agents so they can sell their listings faster, and for higher prices. Rahul was also a co-founder of Mebelkart. He pushes the boundaries with his innovative entrepreneurial stints and is also a sound startup investor & advisor.