Best Car Rental Florida: Orlando Airport, Miami, Tampa

By  //  August 17, 2022

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For example, have you ever tried to get cheap car rentals at Tampa Airport? It can be challenging to decide which car rental business to use when renting a car. Many tourists would choose the base rate that appears to be the dirt cheap car rental service, but depending on your needs, you may be hit with costly extras like damage insurance, car seats, or toll policies.

Today, we’ve outlined ten of the finest car rental services to help you choose which is ideal for you.

Before going into that, as a tourist, what do you need to know about Florida?

General Traveling Information About Florida

Florida may seduce you with its hot beaches and tourist parks, but there’s far more to our Sunshine State than golden beaches and Disney performances.

On the other hand, Miami is a fantastic site to begin your journey. The city’s enormous South Beach offers just what the postcards guarantee: vividly colored lifeguard huts, art deco promenades, and a constant stream of tanned bodies. It’s a location to shimmy in steamy clubs, peddle a powder-blue cruiser, and sip crisp mojitos.

South of Miami, the Florida Keys archipelago offers a Caribbean-style hideaway with lovely beaches and crystal blue waters. For something more adventurous, visit the Everglades National Park’s huge wetlands, home to alligators, manatees, and the rare Florida panther.

Orlando is known for its theme parks. Daytona Beach, which is close by, has beach resorts, seaside amusements, and a full calendar of motor racing tournaments.

Naples, Sarasota, and Fort Myers, all on the Gulf Coast in west Florida, offer culture and tranquility as well as spectacular sunset views, while St Petersburg and Tampa offer vast beaches and historical monuments.

Why is Car Rent Essential Here?

Many of Florida’s beaches are located in small villages with no public transit. It will be a lot easier to go on a Florida beach drive if you rent a car. A rental car is necessary even in major Florida towns like Jacksonville and Miami. This is due to the fact that many major tourist destinations, like the East Coast Buffer Water Preserve Area and the Medieval Torture Museum (in St. Augustine), are located outside of cities and are not accessible by bus or trolley. Because of the numerous stops made by the buses in these huge Florida cities, an 18-mile trip may take well over an hour.

What Are the Driver License Requirements in Florida?

For A Learner’s Permit

Are you less than 18? Then you must take and pass the following tests:

 Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Training Course

Signs and Rules of the Road Online or onsite

A vision and hearing exam is also required (available at the D.M.V.)

In addition, you must have the following items while applying for your license:

Evidence of successfully completing the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Training Course (also known as D.A.T.A. or Drug and Alcohol Course)

Proof of identity, social security number, and residence address is required. has more information on these.

Road Rules/Road Signs Practice Test: has a brief practice test for learner’s permit exam questions.

For An Immediate License (16-17 years)

In order to obtain an intermediate license in Florida, you must be at least 16 years old and have held your learner’s permit for at least one year with no traffic violations. If you received a traffic ticket while driving on your learner’s permit, you might be able to avoid a conviction by attending traffic school. You’ll need the following items to apply for your driver’s license:

Your Learner’s Permit in Florida

A parent or guardian must attest that at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training, including 10 hours at night, have been completed.

To pass the D.M.V.’s driving test.

Classes of Driver’s Licenses and the Class E License (18 years and older)

There are various different sorts of driver’s license classifications, restrictions, and exemptions in Florida. A Class E driver’s license is the most popular. Suppose you’re over the age of 18. In that case, you’ll need

Identity proof

Social Security Number Verification

Proof of your home address

Proof of passing a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course or a license from anywhere in the United States or any other country or territory.

What is Carngo?

Carngo provides rental automobiles all over America, covering more than 1,000 places around the country.

This service works 24/7, so you can use it when your plans surprisingly changed. Has your car broken down or has a friend, who promised to pick you up gotten ill? Don’t worry, rent anytime.

By analyzing rental vehicle prices from the best companies in your location, they work hard every day to make it possible for you to swiftly and conveniently book the automobile of your choice. Is the model of automobile you prefer still in stock? Is this really the best deal being offered? You don’t need to scavenge the world for solutions to these issues. On their website and app, these duties have already been made as simple as feasible. Due to the positive review number, we selected this service for the overview.

On their website, they have gathered the top businesses from every state, each of which offers a variety of automobile types. Their rental vehicle options are always being compared automatically. You’ll constantly be aware of the most recent details regarding the most affordable automobile rental rates available countrywide.

Additionally, they look after your security. Almost all clients from across the world have the opportunity to purchase full rental car insurance straight from our website. You can travel worry-free with Carngo since they offer a full automobile rental package.

You can select a car, appropriate to your needs, tastes, or principles. What do you need? Affordable models, that start from $70 per day, eco-friendly cars, gorgeous cars with HVAC, or even mystery cars? Yes, you are not mistaken. A mystery car is an option to choose a car just by technical features. It may be a luxury model, that costs much more than you have paid. Or a funny retro car. Or fancy styling. What will you get? Who knows. Try your luck

The pricing of rental service ranges vary from around $113-$260 on average depending on the distance traveled, the kind and size of the vehicle, etc. You are the final decision maker. Try Ford Fiesta to save money or Ford Mustang to try premium quality. Chevrolet Spark, Dodge Caravan/Durango,  Toyota Sienna/ Yaris, Chevrolet Camaro, and Tesla are also presented. 

Also, you can save 10%, if you will pay immediately. If you are not a very experienced driver yet, add car damage protection. It costs just $11 per day, but it will reduce your anxiety. Baby on board? Add toddler, booster, or infant child seats.

After making a reservation using the website or mobile app, you’ll pick up your reserved automobile at a rental counter from a car rental supplier. You’ll be requested by a car rental representative to present:

 Credit card with enough money on it to cover the excess and additional equipment (if you’ve reserved any)

Complete driving license in your name (the card must be in the name of the principal driver)

Valid driver’s license in your name and at least one year of driving experience (the same applies to additional drivers)

Coupon for confirmation (you receive it by email after your booking is confirmed)

Best Car Rental Services By Category

Best for Customer Service: Carngo

Best for the Cheapest Base Rates: Sixt rent a car, Carngo

Best for the Most Locations Throughout the U.S.: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Best for Comfort and Quality of Vehicles: Carngo

Best for Prepaid Car Rentals: Avis

Best for the Slickest Return Process: Alamo Rent a Car

Best for Avoiding Additional Fees: Enterprise

Best for the Most Rewarding Loyalty Program: Dollar Car Rental

Price Comparisons

We compared price comparisons for a 7-day rental of a basic category car to see which car rental companies offer the best deals.

Table 1: Renting from Orlando International Airport

Rental Company Prepay Rate Pay on Arrival Rate
Advantage $260.93 $269
Alamo $381.51 $399.44
Avis $289.85 $341
Budget $280.14 $312.50
Dollar Not Offered $411.11
Enterprise Not Offered $455.76
Hertz $260.28 $272.62
National Not Offered $444.50
Sixt $251.39 $263.61
Thrifty Not Offered $448.34

Table 2: From JFK International Airport

Rental Company Prepay Rate Pay on Arrival Rate
Advantage $471.42 $486
Alamo $408.34 $429.83
Avis $596.37 $945
Budget $521.10 $579
Dollar Not Offered $772.51
Enterprise Not Offered $772.48
Hertz $535.57 $708.35
National Not Offered $796.25
Sixt Not Available
Thrifty Not Offered $612.41


Advantage does not have the same nationwide coverage as Enterprise or Hertz, with only 34 locations. However, it’s still a solid option with international coverage and new vehicle models at low costs.


Alamo is the largest automobile rental company for overseas passengers renting in North America, with offices in major U.S. airports. In comparison to Enterprise and Hertz, Alamo has a much smaller footprint, with roughly 250 locations across the United States. Alamo received outstanding marks in the 2019 J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study.

For Orlando International Airport Car Rental Return, check for signs directing you to your departure terminal when you arrive at the airport, then look in the far left lane for directions to the rental car return area. Then seek signs pointing to the Alamo parking lot.


Avis was the first rental car company to rent cars from airports, and it now operates in more than 165 countries across the world. There’s always an Avis office near you with over 1,400 sites across the United States.

Enter the airport through the main entrance and follow the signs to the car rental center, south of the economy garage, when you’re ready to make your Tampa International Airport Car Rental Return. Then follow the instructions to the Avis parking lot.


Given that Budget is part of the Avis Budget Group, it’s not surprising that policies and offers from both brands appear on both websites. Budget, like Avis, has over 1,400 neighborhood and airport locations around the country and offers beach car rentals.


Dollar (together with Thrifty) is owned by The Hertz Corporation and has 260 outlets in the United States and Canada. Despite its reputation as a low-cost automobile rental provider, Dollar was the most expensive when we compared quotes. For a Miami International Airport Car Rental Return, search your car’s G.P.S. address and follow it.


Enterprise is the largest vehicle rental firm in the United States, with over 4,500 neighborhood and airport locations. Enterprise Holdings, along with its sister firms Alamo and National, has offices within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population, making it the most available.


Hertz is one of the major automobile rental firms in the United States, with over 3,000 sites in cities and airports. It’s simple to see why it was the highest-rated automobile rental company in the 2019 J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study, with reasonable rates and exceptional customer service.


National is the smaller sister company of Enterprise Rent A Car, and it has just over 330 outlets around the United States. Enterprise Holdings owns it. National fell a few spots in the 2019 J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study compared to the 2018 survey, but its customer service remains well valued.


One of the latest rental agencies in North America, having only entered the market in 2011 and rapidly expanding to over 60 locations. Sixt has a new and elite fleet of German and American cars, which are less than three months old.

Sixt has some of the lowest prices accessible when we checked for estimates.


The emphasis is on getting the most bang for your buck. Unlike most other automobile rental businesses that routinely offer lower prepayment prices, Thrifty does not.

Thrifty has 472 rental locations in Florida and across the United States, including local stores and major airports. Customers in a hurry will appreciate Thrifty’s Timesaver Check-in, which allows you to fill out your information ahead of time. They also have lots of car rental at Punta Gorda Airport.

Tips to Save Money on Rental Cars

1. Book early

2. Try not to book at airports.

3. Book through discount sites

4. Remember to use your memberships if you have one.

Become a regular customer