Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways of 2022

By  //  August 5, 2022

Crypto payments today are among the best variants for paying comparing to common means of payment such as bank wires. The benefits are that it’s extremely convenient, fast, safe, and allows companies to significantly reduce transaction fees. Indeed, when paying by traditional methods, much more intermediaries take part in payments, in comparison with payment with crypto when one can avoid at least several of them The perfect way today is to do it with crypto payment gateways.

What is a crypto payment gateway?

Crypto payment is a payment method allowing you to get money for goods in digital assets and then exchange them for regular money if you don’t want to store your funds in crypto. For example, a merchant can receive digital currency as payment from their customers, convert it into US dollars, and then exchange some of that fiat back into cryptocurrency for settlements with partners.

Let’s talk about why companies should generally switch to accepting crypto payments and not remain faithful to payments in conventional electronic money.

Why businesses should accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

We can say that crypto payment processors are becoming more and more popular. Today, the world no longer looks at it as an extremely volatile and unpredictable asset that is not backed by anything.

Now digital currencies have many fans, including famous people and big corporations.

Many countries are seriously thinking about officially recognizing bitcoin and crypto payment processors. The Latin American  El Salvador was brave enough to be the first to take such a step. 

The country created a national bitcoin fund that stores cryptocurrencies and benefits from the growth of its rate to build various social facilities.

Interest in crypto payment processors is also shown by corporations and individuals in business. International Visa and Mastercard allow their clients to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies. And large investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs, have given access to the market to their institutional investors, as they see a huge potential for its development as an investment vehicle.

Known for his broad views on finance, billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of the American manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla, and space corporation SpaceX, is extremely interested in cryptocurrencies.

At one time, Tesla even received payments for its cars in bitcoin, although it stopped doing this. Not because of the financial shortcomings of bitcoin, but because of the unsustainable way it is produced. As Musk later stated, the company is ready to return to accepting bitcoins if the miners stop causing such serious damage to the environment. Additionally, Tesla invested 1,5 bln dollars.

Cryptocurrencies advantages

In general, cryptocurrencies today have many advantages over fiat money. Among them:

■ Full transparency and availability of all operations at any time. Crypto payments are exactly what you need if you are willing to pay 24/7.

■ High reliability. If you use crypto payments, it is very hard  to hack or fake, as it is reliably protected.

■ No inflation.

■ Cryptocurrencies may be issued in a limited amount, like a Bitcoin (its emission is limited). It is possible to use such cryptocurrencies as deflationary tool.

■ Independence. Crypto payments do not depend on financial regulators directly (watchdogs can only influence such intermediaries as payment gateways). No one can limit their issuance and the movement of funds on the account.

■ Low commissions. Commissions for crypto payments are much lower than for operations with traditional money. When dealing with a cryptocurrency, e.g. a bitcoin payment gateway, customers pay only a very small fee to keep the system steady.

When a company starts taking crypto payments, this creates a vast number of benefits:

■ access to a huge number of clients with high average check

■ ability to give your customers a secure and efficient system

■ reduction of costs incurred when working with other payments (for example, when working with bank cards)

■ no need to send funds to rolling reserves 

■ no chargebacks

■ cryptocurrencies are universal means of payment and they can be accepted from everywhere. 

■ This means that any e-commerce business doesn’t need to set several payment methods, at least one for each region. The only thing to do is to set up crypto processing. And payment acceptance rate is high when using cryptocurrencies in contrast to traditional fiat payments.

Criteria for best cryptocurrency payment gateways of 2022

What easy to use and stable crypto payment gateways exist today? In fact, there are quite many, but if you look closely, it is only worth highlighting a few of them. What requirements should the best payment gateways meet?

Before moving on to choosing the optimal crypto payments gateway, you need to pay attention to the following important points:

– Safety and reputation

The service must provide a high level of reliability and effectively protect information about the user and all transactions.

– Legitimacy

A company that makes such payments must be licensed and officially registered.

– Convenience and low commission

All operations by crypto payment gateways should be carried out as comfortably as possible for the user, and commissions should be relatively low.

– User-friendly interface

This is very important for the user’s comfort because sometimes, even the smallest things in a cryptocurrency payment gateway can destroy the first positive impression of the product.

– High speed

Crypto payment gateway should carry out all operations quickly and safely for counterparties. The conversion of funds should occur almost instantly to avoid losses to high market volatility. This becomes especially important when it comes to converting fiat to digital money.

What are the best cryptocurrency gateways of 2022?

CoinsPaid: best crypto payment processor

CoinsPaid is the best cryptocurrency payment gateway for online companies that supports many cryptocurrencies, not only bitcoin – their total number exceeds 30. Their gateway also supports more than 40 fiat currencies.

Great coverage

Currently, CoinsPaid, as the best cryptocurrency payment gateway, processes 8% of global on-chain BTC transactions. The company processed approximately $6.4 billion (€5.65 billion) worth of coins for over 800 merchants with approximately 7 million customers in the previous year.

CoinsPaid, as a cryptocurrency payment gateway, also allows companies to expand their target audience to include cryptocurrency holders and lower fees compared to classic payment methods.

CoinsPaid allows users to receive money in countries where card payments are limited.

Instant payments

This crypto payment gateway lets a business accept crypto payments and convert cryptocurrency to fiat instantly. In addition, you can hold cryptocurrency and use it for transactions with your partners and offices.

The client receives a ready-made solution for interacting with cryptocurrency and does not need to use additional gateways.

All confirmed deposits on this crypto payment gateway are credited to the account immediately. Money is converted instantly, and the client does not need to worry about volatility and possible losses.

Money is moved to the bank account through the SEPA (Europe) and SWIFT (USA) systems. Through SEPA, money arrives in 1 day (for other companies, it takes up to 3 days), and through SWIFT, in 3 days (for others, up to 5 days). Unlike, for example, PayPal, the client receives money 15 times faster. 

CoinsPaid has USDT on three blockchains, including the Tron, which allows for significant mining fee savings. It can be also highlighted because of maximum possible transaction throughput.

Reasonable fees

Overall, all know that CoinsPaid is a secure and safe cryptocurrency payment gateway with a transparent fees system.

Crypto payment gateway CoinsPaid has a low fee, starting from only 0.8%. There are no hidden fees, and all the exchange takes place at the market rate of Kraken without any markups. The commission calculation is completely transparent.

Of course, there are crypto payment gateways on the market that offer lower fees, but they most often use hidden fees by exchanging fiat at an overpriced rate, and in the end, the total fee is higher.

Today, it may be even simpler to track cryptocurrencies than fiat money. But in CoinsPaid, you can be calm about the purity of transactions and be sure that doubtful money will not fall into your circulation. Suspicious transactions are checked at once by two different services.

High security

There is no single risk when using CoinsPad since this cryptocurrency payment gateway is regulated and licensed.

This crypto payment processor guarantees its clients maximum security. CoinsPaid conductsis conducted by KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business), and is also a member of the Blockchain Group and annually participates in Europol. 

The company has a partnership with the GAP600 insurance service, which enables the processing to confirm and credit deposits even before the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain. 

This payment gateway is registered and licensed by the European Union. In addition, the company performs annual independent security audits, three of which they recently passed: Kaspersky, 10Guards, and Hacken

The processor supports SEPA and SWIFT transfers for settlements in fiat and instant deposits in BTC and ETH. This crypto payment gateway has received numerous awards, including the AIBC Summit Awards in 2021.

Consulting and training

For those who have never worked with cryptocurrencies, CoinsPaid offers free expert advice on integration and operation, along with participation in educational webinars.

Сrypto payment gateway possesses a test system, connection for free and no commissions in the first 30 days. Support is for urgent issues 24 hours, plus you get an answer within a minute in the daytime and at night – within an hour.

Convenient interface

CoinsPaid accepts crypto payments and combines a comfortable interface with modern moments like B2B, B2C, and SaaS for various markets.

Its own token

This cryptocurrency payment gateway recently launched its $CPD utility coin and is actively working to create DeFi dashboard cross-chain tools. In 2022, the company plans to add an eCommerce feature, the possibility to purchase cryptocurrency with a wallet card. CoinsPaid allows merchants to save up to 50 percent on operation fees using the token.

API and other features

CoinsPaid provides a variety of payment alternatives, including invoices, payment links, recurring payments, and e-commerce plugins. All of these features are packaged in the finest available APIs. 

The company also has its own unique liquidity aggregator that unites exchanges and liquidity providers and enables users to swap cryptocurrencies on-the-go at the best prices and spreads. Among the additional benefits of CoinsPaid has a method to group transactions, which delivers considerable savings on mining costs. 


This cryptocurrency payment system serves storage and works with different coins and fiat in electronic equivalent. The wallet works on blockchain, which has its important advantages. All transactions and information about clients are securely encrypted and deleted after a brief storage. The wallets are explored in two ways: storage and standard account usage – exchange, withdrawal, transfers, and payment for different products.

With this service that accepts crypto payments, sellers can get crypto transactions from different countries by using plugins for many e-commerce systems, buttons with different functions and many other features.

In addition to these opportunities, CoinPayments provides an opportunity for social organizations to accept online payments. For some types of operations, instant transfers are created without confirmation of the blockchain network.

Users can add wallets in new cryptocurrencies for a small fee.


CoinGate calls itself the best crypto payments processor, thanks to which people can purchase and realize coins. It allows making transactions online and via POS options. There exists only a 1% fee. The gate lets you accept payments and fiat money withdrawals to various systems, including PayPal.

The platform lets users install payment buttons and plugins for e-commerce companies and platforms and accept cryptocurrencies through a payment service. Accounts created in this system can be scheduled, which allows you to create them once and set a schedule for receiving payments. Most cryptocurrency reserves are stored in cold wallets.