6 Tips to Getting Rid of Trouble While Riding E-Bikes

By  //  September 14, 2022

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E-bikes are becoming more common these days. They offer convenience and safety, but they also come with some challenges. If you ride an e-bike, you might experience battery drain or mechanical issues. 

E-bikes combine electric power with human power to provide a convenient way to get around town. They are usually powered by lithium batteries and reach speeds up to 20 mph. While there are several advantages of having E-Bikes but these tips will help you not get into trouble while riding.

1. Always Carry Extra Batteries

Batteries come in many different capacities, so you’ll have to know how much power your e-bike takes to figure out how many batteries you need to carry. You cannot determine how many batteries you need if you don’t know how much power your bike uses. 

If you’re using a heavier battery with a lower capacity, you won’t be able to ride as far. It will also make you carry more batteries, adding weight to your overall package. If you’re using a lighter battery with a higher capacity, you’ll be able to ride farther on one charge.

Purchasing a spare battery for your e-bike may be worth considering if you need to ride long distances. It will prevent you from running into power outages while riding. In rare cases, there may not be a charging station nearby, which can be a serious issue.

Modern e-bikes are powered by a lithium-ion battery that sustains a longer period of time. You should look for these electric bikes to enjoy a long ride. You can also buy high-quality fast chargers for your e-bike. This will help you fast charge your e-bike’s battery in an emergency.

2. Make Sure to Fully Charge Your E-bike Before Going Out

One of the core problems of E-bikes is the slow charging issue. If you are not using lithium-ion batteries, it’s common that charging takes longer.

If you are planning to ride an electric bike for a long distance, make sure you charge it before leaving home. You should also check whether the charger is compatible with your bike. It’s recommended to charge your e-bike fully before use. You should also check the charging time of your battery every few months.

The battery life of these vehicles varies depending on usage patterns. For example, riding at low speeds for longer periods won’t drain the battery as much as riding at higher speeds for short periods.

3. E-Bikes Are Considerably Heavier, So Don’t Carry Overweight

The power of an e-bike makes it much heavier than a regular bike. It might be tempting to take an e-bike with you on a trip. But if you do, you’ll have to take the extra weight, so be mindful about taking e-bikes when you want to ride on rugged trails. 

E-bikes are heavier than regular bikes because they have more batteries, a motor, and a more powerful drive system. If you’re going on a short trip, you might consider not taking your e-bike, as e-bikes are suitable for long-distance journeys.

4. Be Careful About Sudden Cut-off Switch Trigger

One risk of riding an e-bike is that the sudden trigger that makes the motor cut off can cause you to lose control of the bike. You should be cautious when riding because of this. 

On an e-bike, the trigger that cuts off the motor is the brake lever, while on a standard bike, it’s the clutch pedal. When you’re riding an e-bike, you might not be able to stop the bike with your feet. 

You have to use your hands to brake and clutch the bike to stop. If you brake too hard, you might lose control of the bike, so it’s important to brake gently.

5. It’s Good to Have Some Repair Knowledge in Case of Motor Failure

If your e-bike’s motor breaks, it’s important to know how to fix it. If your e-bike’s motor breaks while riding, you might crash. That could cause serious injuries or even death, so it’s essential to know how to fix your e-bike’s motor if it breaks. 

When the motor fails, you should stop riding your bike and inspect the motor immediately. When riding, you should always carry a repair kit with you so in case of emergency, you can fix yourself. Usually, minor breakage doesn’t need professional help to fix. You can open the motor compartment and look for any wear out.

6. Know How to Adjust the Settings When Wheels Partially Lock-up

Some e-bike motors have settings that you can use to adjust the motor’s speed, torque, and power. This can help you change the speed and torque of the motor so that your bike won’t partially lock up when you’re riding at high speeds or climbing hills. 

To adjust the settings on your e-bike, you’ll need to use a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection. Find the settings that you want to adjust and adjust them. 

Some e-bike motors have a smartphone app that you can use to adjust the settings. If your e-bike doesn’t have a smartphone app, you can look for alternative solutions by asking your local stores.


E-Bikes are convenient and economical, but they also come with challenges. If you ride an e-bike, you might experience battery drain or mechanical issues. Normal e-bikes cost three times higher than regular bikes. So choose the best e-bike in the market.

It is also important to be prepared for any situation to stay safe and ride smoothly. Whatever problem you encounter, the tips in this article will help you solve it.