Business Executives Meet Military Veterans: Pilum Defense and Total Protection

By  //  September 6, 2022

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The US workforce is composed of uniquely diverse and skilled citizens. Much of the workforce is also made up of veterans who have completed their service and are able to extend their skills elsewhere.

Veterans possess dynamic and distinct skills that are extremely valuable to their communities. Honor, leadership, and integrity are core values for many veterans, and these values are frequently held by business leaders and executives too. In many ways, veterans and business leaders share commonalities. 

Pilum Defense, which was founded in 2013 by Michael Mancha and Stephen Barela, is a veteran owned and operated total protection, investigation, and firearms training solutions firm.

The company is truly unique as it utilizes the vital experience of veterans and former law enforcement officials to further protect communities. Additionally, veterans work alongside a team of business executives to form an esteemed Board of Advisors. 

Employment for Veterans in 2022

A study outlining the post-service employment experiences of veterans found that, “Although most U.S. veterans transition to civilian life successfully, securing employment and reintegrating into civilian communities, some veterans face transition challenges.”

This study highlights that some of the core skills that veterans have obtained and acquired through their service do not translate as efficiently into other forms of employment. 

Another journal notes that, “Veterans offer a unique set of skills, experiences and leadership abilities developed and honed during their years in the military and in the crucible of combat, yet unemployed rates highlight the difficulties returning veterans are facing in their search for new careers.”

Whilst the skills that most veterans obtain, like leadership, strategy, and communication, are vital for any employee in any form of employment; the specific nature of veterans’ careers can shape their post-service career trajectory. 

Because of the unique skills that veterans offer, and the frequency of difficulty in securing post-service employment, it is vital that more career avenues for veterans are opened. Many veterans find satisfying and enriching employment opportunities in the security and investigative industries.

This is not to say that veterans do not find fulfilling careers in other employment fields, but it outlines an avenue where veterans can continue to serve, defend, and protect their communities by optimizing their existing skills and traits. 

Pilum Defense: Veterans Meet Business Executives

Pilum Defense was created by US Marine Corps and Navy SEAL veterans. Michael Mancha and his co-founder have ensured that all of their protectors, investigators, and advisors have served in either the U.S. military or in some sector of law enforcement.

Pilum believes that veterans bring important and distinctive skills to their organization. Additionally, when grappling with investigations and high-risk circumstances, veterans and former law enforcement members are well equipped to tackle them with experience and fine tuned skills. 

Pilum is, interestingly, also supported and operated by an established Board of Advisors. This board solely consists of high-ranking military officers and business executives. This allows for varying perspectives, however, it also illustrates how veterans and business executives can cooperate for the betterment of their communities. 

Mancha states, “Pilum’s core values are professionalism, commitment, integrity, diligence, teamwork, loyalty, adaptability, stamina, patience, and innovation.” These values are shared equally across their team. 

Since the company’s formation in 2013, Pilum has provided extensive protection and investigative services across public and private sector clients. Recently, however, the company has increased its revenue substantially by holding and diversifying their client pool.

Moreover, this increase in revenue can also be attributed to the strong work of the company’s team of executives and veterans. Mancha argues that, “the development of the company started at a limited capacity and has grown to provide all facets of security services including law enforcement, protective occupations, litigation support, background investigations and now Firearms Training.”

The company prioritizes consistently expanding and adding to its capabilities in order to meet the requisite changes in their trade.

Final Thoughts

Veterans have a unique array of vital skills that can be utilized across a broad range of career paths. However, many veterans shine in fields where their specific traits and skills can be optimized.

Fields like law enforcement, investigation, and public protection are career paths that veterans frequently excel in. Pilum Defense has used this to create a team of veterans and former law enforcement officials who adept, trained, and experienced to provide total protection to their communities.

Similarly, by combining these members with business executives, the firm is able to maintain a common ethos and value set to continue to serve communities with diligence, honor, and integrity.