College Football: 8 Top Prospects to Watch out for in the 2022/23 Season

By  //  September 6, 2022

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The abundance of talents in college football is one thing that makes you follow up on teams you might have little or no interest in outside of your favourite team. While talent is not enough if you want to make it to the pro, it can be considered a great head start.

Top talents are usually headliners, but sometimes injuries, a destructive act of indiscipline, or some unlucky transfer place them in teams that take the shine off them. Whichever the case, it is difficult to tell sometimes how a talented player becomes poor at kicking or tackling football. 

Here is a list of 7 fantastic players in college football whose talent and productivity are making waves to dominate the matches headline this next season; and the NFL draft, especially if you are into college football betting.

Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Will Levis is a fast-paced quarterback that can make intelligent runs to escape multiple tackles with consecutive touchdowns. He is versatile and can switch roles to make accurate long throws to players downfield. He led his team to a win at the 2022 college super bowl final.

As per school measurement statistics, you might also want to note that he is currently 6 feet 3 inches in height and 232 lb in weight. Not bad for an NFL prospect, right? If you do not believe in his talent yet, check his Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut, where he set school records as a senior for passing touchdowns with 27 and passing yards with 2,793.

Robert Beal Jr., Edge, Georgia

Robert Beal is another talent that has blessed the league with his spectacular defensive attribute. His strength lies in how well he uses his hands and speed to chase opponents down those small spaces on the field.

What to know more about Robert Beal? He stuck with Chicago for more playing time when he could have considered and opted for a transfer early in his career. His college career was crowned last year with a national league title last season.

Jaelyn Duncan, OL, Maryland

As an offensive lineman for Maryland, Jaelyn Duncan is an athletic linesman that can form a formidable stonewall for a scrimmage. He is good at making those short decisive passes to his teammates and catching a wide receiver on the run. 

He has 5 honourable career mentions, among which is 2022;

 Pro Football Focus Third Team Preseason All-Big Ten

East-West Shrine Bowl 1000

Athlon & Lindy’s Sports and Pick Six Previews’ Second Team Preseason All-Big Ten

Will McDonald IV, Edge, Iowa

Will is a top prospect in college football after just recently breaking out in the 2021 season. Though he is currently light frame, he has used this feature to develop quick feet and agility across multiple scrimmage lines. Outside of this, his dynamism has shown promising signs of developing past his current level, weight, and pedigree.

Tyler Harrell, WR, Alabama

Tyler, who just recently transferred to Alabama, is a top prospect in college football. As a talented wide receiver, he has a track field speed record of 4.3 in a 40-yard dash. Though Tyler was sidelined recently by an injury, if he could shake it off before the commencement of this next season, Alabama is undoubtedly not going to be his stop in football but a path of elevation.

Nolan Smith, Edge, Georgia

Nolan, also of Georgia, is an explosive player technically gifted to be an outside linebacker or a defensive end. He is skilled at many surprising runs at quarterback and can correctly read and disrupt a play within seconds of a run. With the profile he is building, it is not yet clear how he will turn out to be this next season, but he sure will attract tons of eyes.

Ainias Smith, WR, Texas A&M

Aggies is a quality running back, but that is not all; he also has the talent and knack to be an outstanding wide receiver, and from the outlook of his career statistics, he looks to be a top prospect in the position. He is good at receiving and securing passes with quickness and awareness, which seems to complement his excellent grip. He is a sure talent prospect for the future league.

These terrific talents are in no particular order, so don’t imagine them in a numerical sequence from most to least talented, as they all have equal chances to be those rough diamonds that can shine in the NFL. Not to take it from other gifted players not mentioned, they make college football what it is, and we might just get to see some of them rise to mercurial fame.