How To Hire The Best Web Design Company For Your Business? (6 Easy-Peasy Steps)

By  //  September 27, 2022

Aristotle developed the theory of causality..

Since then… You can break down every event into cause and effect.

Yes, even the web designing processes.

Don’t trust us?

Take a look here… 

■ A stunning website —> successful business

■ A visually appealing web design —> stunning website

■ The best web design companies —> visually appealing web designs

Can you observe the pattern? One is linked with the other.

It should clear that you need top web design companies to:

■ create world-class web experiences for your customer

■ introduce yourself as a business leader among the competitors

■ reflect your inviting and crafty business values in the market

But don’t stumble upon “do-it-yourself” materials.

It’s easy to fall in love with DIY resources such as 

■ templates 

■ web design themes


■ cheap

■ easy-to-use

Aren’t they?

But not everything that shines is gold!

You’re steadily trading off creative potency to save a few green bills.

And if you’re not letting the professionals take up this task for you 

■ you’re not only missing the looks

■ but the feels of the website as well

So let’s do one thing…

Let’s hire the best web design company for your business.

Before the hunt for the top web design firm daunts you… 

Let us tell you… It’s not that difficult.

You only need to consider a few web designing steps in your pick.

So let’s check out these steps.

How to hire a web design company for your business— stepwise process

Here we go:

Step #1: Google it up 

Google loves solving your problems.

Let it hand you the preliminary list of the best web design companies.

The best part is— you can search these companies based on many attributes.

They can be anything among these:

■ location

■ prices

■ testimonies

Not to forget, the details of your search query matter.

The more you get into the detailed search— the better the result for you.

For example, 

“best web design company in Florida”

“cheapest web designing company in Nebraska” 

Should get laser-targeted results for your website.

How Google can speed up the hiring process


■ gives access to the most relevant web design companies list

■ helps review the company’s online portfolio and work

■ lets you recognize branded and successful web partners for your business

So let Google take initial pain instead of hopping around & looking for the best fit!

Step #2: Get Sherlock with their reviews

Reviews are not everything… 

But they mean “something” to at least 92% of the users. (1)

Ask yourself,

Would you trust the brand itself? Or a fellow client like you?

Of course, you’ll trust experiences more than self-advocated marketing gimmicks.

Now, why do you need to check online reviews?

Well, because you:

■ desperately need company’s social proof… check out why you need them (2)

■ need to know more about their visibility 

■ can trust them for enhancing your visibility

■ can make informed hiring decisions

If any web design company is missing on testimonials… 

It’s about time you look for another company.

Because they’re not only missing a boat of marketing, but they’re missing SeaWise Giant — the biggest cruise in the world— of marketing.

Please bear in mind… everyone has a few negative reviews.

But that doesn’t mean they deserve to be disqualified from your search.

How to measure reviews

■ Google and Bing reviews

■ Social media comments

■ Ratings

■ Ratings on third-party sites like Clutch and Yelp

■ Get in touch with the previous clients if possible

If positive reviews >>> negative reviews, then you’re good to go to the next step.

Step #3: Get your diaries out, take detailed notes

You want to take detailed notes when you filter the “perfect match” for you.

So it doesn’t go randomly…

It’s pretty much like deploying a survey.

All you need to do is— make a questionnaire in your book.

It may roughly look like this.

■ How long have they been operating as web design firms?

■ What’s their employee strength?

■ Do they have web design accolades under their feather?

■ What all services do they offer?

■ How much do they charge for web designing?

■ How many languages do they know? (HTML, XHTML, WordPress, etc.)

You can add as many questions to 

■ gain detailed insight

■ ease up the hiring process

Most web design companies should go about answering your queries without hesitation.

If they dodge these questions— you know what to do. RUN!

Step #4: Cut short the web design company list

So done with compiling the list of web design companies?


It’s time to cut the list short.

What you should do:

■ Highlight the web design companies that have cleared the first round and made it to the second.

■ Cross off the companies that don’t match your expectations.

You’d like to remove the agency from the list if they:

■ exceed your budget

■ have a higher percentage of negative reviews than competing web design companies

■ their website doesn’t give you an aesthetically pleasing experience

■ their buttons and functionalities don’t work properly

You’d want to keep the agency’s name if:

■ you like their style

■ they’ve worked with clients in your industry

■ their designs are custom-built

■ their work looks original and unique

■ they have earned recognition in their past work

Keep pruning the list until you feel you have the most concise datasheet in your hand.

Consider writing the pros and cons of all the web design companies against their names.

Compress the list based on what you liked and disliked about these companies— be it their 

■ portfolio, 

■ reviews, or 

■ social presence.

Step #5: Make them phone calls

You’re almost there— down to the last few options.

This stage needs a bit of social interaction where you can call these prospects.

Phone calls can really make the difference.

You can’t know if the web design company is suitable for you unless you hit the dialer.

Here’s what they may ask if you contact them:

■ details on your business

■ the niche of your business

■ link to the existing website

■ business goals

Based on your conversation, both of you can determine if you’re a good fit for each other.

The way they respond and take your calls will tell a lot about their services and work culture.

Ask yourself:

■ Are they engaging enough on the phone?

■ What’s the tone of their language?

■ Do they sound happy while learning about your business?

■ Did they ask all the essential questions on goals and requirements?

The idea is to get the hang of their mood…

■ Do they sound interested in working with you?

■ Did they appear as a problem-solving web design firm?

Step #6: Hammer down the ultimate list and make the final call

Once you’ve had words with the top web design companies… you’ll nail down the final list.

Please note: continue jotting down the detailed notes during the phone calls.

All you’re doing is gathering rich-data through 

■ Google, 

■ portfolios, and 

■ phone calls 

To have your final say.

After you’ve finalized the top three web design companies, you may like to see them in person if they’re in the same geography.

And finally, you confirm your partnership with one of the companies.

Congratulations! You did it.

What did you learn…

You learned… that a web design company is as good as your research.

You learned… that careful reviewing is the key to filtering web design companies.

You learned… that making detailed notes solves the major filtering headaches.

Author Bio: Brijesh Jakharia 

Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.