How to Travel with Your Pet in Style

By  //  October 13, 2022

Traveling with your pet doesn’t need to be a stressful experience; even with everything you must remember to keep your pet safe, comfortable, relaxed, and well-groomed. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can turn your trip with your pet into a stylish one.

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Traveling with Your Pet in Style Tip #1: Safety

Pet safety begins with how you’re transporting it. For instance, you can use a fashionable dog carrier to transport your pooch or a fabulous cat carrier to cart your feline friend around. What do you look for when examining pet carriers?

■ Is it large enough for my pet? Look at the pet carrier size rating and measure/ weigh your animal. If it’s not large enough, look for something that will fit your dog or cat. The pet carrier should be large enough that it doesn’t have to be in one set location the entire trip. Being large enough for the pet to be able to move or shift position is an important feature.

■ Will it keep my furry baby secure? Security is another vital feature when it comes to pet carriers. It makes no sense to purchase a pet carrier and have them wiggle out of it at inconvenient times. Features that help lock zippers or other fasteners in place that don’t allow your pet to escape are a benefit.

■ How comfortable is the carrier? Just as it’s illogical to purchase an item that won’t fit your pet, so too, is it not wise to buy a pet carrier that is uncomfortable for either the pet or you, the owner. Some ideas to consider:

■ How breathable is the carrier? You don’t want your pet to have difficulty breathing while in the carrier.

■ What is the lining made of? The last thing you want to do when traveling with your pet is for them to be uncomfortable during a long trip. Is it made of cloth-covered foam? Faux fur? Whatever it’s made of should be easily cleaned in case the pet has an accident in the carrier.

■ How easy is it to operate and carry? Pet carriers should be designed to open and close easily. Zippers or other fasteners that get stuck would be a problem. Also, how easy is it to carry?

■ How fashionable is it? Fashion should be the last consideration. The fact that it looks good and goes with your outfit should be a side thought to the animal’s safety, security, and comfort.

Traveling with Your Pet in Style #2: Comfort

While traveling with your pet, its comfort should be your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some style while doing so. Depending on the pet’s size and propensity to move about, you might want to consider getting a car seat or protector cushion for your vehicle. These types of carriers or protectors allow the animal the freedom to see where it’s going while still keeping it reasonably contained. Just make sure that it can’t get out while you’re driving by keeping the windows down far enough to get fresh air but up far enough that it can’t hop out of the moving car. 

Maybe your dog is too large to fit on your lap or take another seat on the plane, or you can’t have it with you while driving, as they’d move around too much. Something that smells of you can calm the pet down long enough to help you reach the destination.

Another way of helping your pet be comfortable is to keep toys with them while traveling. Being able to play with something helps keep their mind occupied and not worry so much about the fact that they’re in a moving vehicle. 

Traveling with Your Pet in Style #3 Relaxation

An excellent way of making sure that you’re traveling with your pet in style is to make sure that it’s relaxed. A way to ensure your pet is relaxed is to take plenty of breaks while traveling. Let’s say you’re taking a car trip; at least every two hours, take your pet out of its carrier and play with it a bit. Make sure that it gets some food and treats and has a “potty” break, so when it’s time to go back in the carrier, car seat, or crate, it can last another few hours until the next time it’s let out.

Traveling with Your Pet in Style #4 Grooming

Grooming your pet is more than just brushing it. Before going on any trip, make sure that it’s been bathed, its nails and coat are trimmed, and it’s been brushed. Grooming can continue through the trip, too. You don’t want to get to your destination, and your pet looks like a disheveled mess.

Bring a travel brush with you and pet-safe cleaning wipes to help keep it clean and well-groomed for when you let it out on breaks or once you get to your destination.