7 Things You Need to Buy Before Adopting a Cat

By  //  November 28, 2022

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Congratulations, the adoption agency messaged you that the adoption papers for your new cat are finally approved. Surely, you’re excited to welcome and play with your furbaby. However, caring for a cat involves a lot of responsibility and research.

You will need to know the characteristics and personality of the little kitty. The cat owner should provide vet needs, food, toys, and hygiene needs. Also, There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when the cat finally settles at your home.

But you don’t have to worry because this article will give you information that will help you prepare.

1. Pet Carrier or Crate

It would be best to prepare a crate immediately to take your cat home since animal shelters or adoption agencies don’t provide carriers. This is to avoid adding stress as your new friend while traveling from the center to your home.

You should consider the size of your cat, especially if you adopted an adult feline. The cat should be comfortable with the carrier since it will surely be scared and sensitive.

Your new friend could also be angry and probably try to get out; you should check the durability and ventilation of the carrier. There are many pet shops online to buy cat supplies and other pet crates or carriers.

2. Cat Food

Knowing what type of food the shelter used to serve your cat would be best. This will help the cat adapt easily to the environment and you. You should also know the foods to avoid or if your cat is on a strict diet. 

Wet food is also available and a healthy replacement for usual cat food. Remember to refrain from forcing your new friend to eat; she might need to adjust for a week, and the same goes for her appetite. 

Bringing a catnip could also make your feline open up for its new home. Sprinkling catnip around the area where your cat will settle can help them relax. 

3. Water Fountain and Food Bowls

Food and water are important when a new cat comes home. They may be hungry while traveling, and good food and fresh water should calm them. Also, check if the materials that are used for the bowls could be harmful to pets. 

Their eating area should be away from their litter boxes since they don’t like to eat and relieve in the same location. A water fountain is recommended to encourage your cats to drink more.

4. Cat Bed

Though some cats prefer to sleep in cardboard boxes, a comfortable bed is still necessary. Warm, soft, and great for kneading, the bed will be enticing for your feline. Make sure to get a bed that is enough for the size of your kitty.

5. Litter and litter box

There are a lot of products in the market, from simple, hooded, to self-cleaning litter boxes. However, it would help if you still considered your cat’s personality, as they may prefer an open box over a closed one.

6. Scratching post

You should provide your cat with a sturdy and tall scratching post. Cats need to scratch their claws, and it also helps them to stretch their legs.

7. Toys

Playtime is a way to bond with your cat. This keeps them healthy and happy as well. But of course, you need toys to keep them interested and active. Different kinds of toys could be interactive or the ones that involve you as the pet owner.

Some of these toys are feathers, bells, and pom-poms. But remember to examine the toys to avoid accidents and harm to your fur baby.

Prepare a Warm Welcome for Your Fur Baby

Preparing for your fur baby’s homecoming could be a bit overwhelming. But knowing your cat’s basic needs is a good start to getting familiar with being a fur parent. More importantly, the most important thing is to give them time, attention, and love.