How to Understand Human Design Chart?

By  //  November 16, 2022

Consider a framework that describes how you were created and how you must interact with your surroundings. You can discover the both conscious and unconscious components of your personality that will guide you into genuine harmony with the person you are, to a deeper comprehension of your genetic structure.

This approach depends upon psychology and is intended to promote more fulfillment in your lifetime. Your human design type is determined by your birthday, birthplace, and birth time, and depends on the notion that each human was formed with a goal in mind to survive on Earth.

What Makes Human Design So Unique?

The lessons that comprise Human Design are wonderful as a whole. However, when they are combined, the human design gives us its most valuable reward i.e. our decision-making practice called Plan and Responsibility. We’re built to make choices that are special to how we were created. We believe that this is the ultimate blessing that this system can provide mankind since the right choice takes us nearer to our goal while making the wrong choice takes us further away. In this ever-evolving digital era, understanding your human design chart is just an app away. Let’s further discuss human design app and how it works.

Calculate Your Human Design Chart

The Human Design App, which was released in 2014 and is the leading choice in this field, can be used to compute your human design chart. Despite its mystical roots, the human design app is shockingly sensible. Countless individuals across the world have used human design as a continuous method for:

■ Self-awareness.

■ Personal development.

■ Developing better-aligned company systems.

■ Raising children of varied ages. 

■ Improving relationships, and avoiding breakdowns.

You can construct an exact human design chart online by inputting your time, place, and date of birth into any human design app of your preference. Now the question arises, how do you understand this complicated chart? Let’s discuss it further.

Basic Structure of a human design chart

A standard human design chart is divided into three parts:

Keynotes:  A concise summary that contains valuable data about your chart.

The key terms to grasp are your approach and plan, internal power, and characteristics.

Body graph: The human design app displays a graphic with 9 geometric designs symbolizing 9 separate energy centers with diverse themes of absorbing energy. Every person has the same nine energy sources, but our definitions of the energy sources will alter depending on our birth origins.

Rows of Design and Character: Two rows of gate digits and astronomical signs border both ends of the body graph. The red statistics shown by the human design app upon calculation suggest aspects of your underlying nature defined as Design, which is estimated roughly 88 days before your arrival in this world. The black statistics suggest attributes of your mental nature as assessed at the time of your conception. If you are a newbie, you can simply disregard these rows initially and study afterward.

In conclusion, your bodygraph provides the bulk of the data about your graph. The keynotes aid in highlighting sensitive details about your bodygraph. The character and design rows calculated by the human design app assist you in understanding your chart’s inner structure.

The nine energy sources:  Your energy sources are represented by the nine geometric patterns in your bodygraph. Every energy center deals with different aspects of your existence. The elements within each are as follows.

■ Ajna Center.

■ Will Center. 

■ Emotional Solar Plexus Center.

■ Head Center.

■ Root Center. 

■ Spleen Center.

■ Sacral Center.

■ Throat Center. 

■ Identity Center.

Your Personality Kind and Plan, Internal Power, and Character

Personality Kind and Plan:

Your personality kind and plan, internal power, and character your personality kind and plan, internal power, and character. There are five different energy forms depending on how your Throat and Sacral energy sources are classified in your human design chart.

Every energy form has a distinct approach, a proper response to and navigation of daily existence. The Manifesting Generator and Generator Energy Kinds share the same primary plan and are hence classified as one Kind here for clarity.

Internal Power: 

Our Internal Power is a body-driven understanding that surpasses mental cognition, hence tapping it necessitates being more integrated and paying closer attention to our bodies.

Making decisions is such a complicated job! Recognizing your particular Internal Power might assist you to appreciate the way you take the greatest decisions for yourself spontaneously.

Character Profile: 

Your Character is similar to a mask you use while performing particular roles. Acknowledging your Character allows you to comprehend how you study and connect with others. Characters in the manner of fractions with Boundaries 1-6 are feasible.

Every boundary reflects a different concept. The first line (top number) represents your character, while the second line (bottom number) represents your design.

Concluding the Thoughts

Every component of the human design chart is significant in and of itself, providing essential insights into an individual’s personality. Knowledge of each component and its place in the storyline of your life allows you to piece together a wider context and gain a more in-depth comprehension of who you sincerely are. Consider that each component is a component of a bigger picture.

While we must “break the chart down” to comprehend all of its important components, the real greatness of the chart lies in the harmony of all of its components.

Once all of the puzzle pieces fall into place, the entire storyline of who you are emerges.

When you add your required details to the Human Design App, it immediately responds with a scary-looking complicated chart, we hope that after reading this basic explanation of your human design chart it will not be so scary for you to read anymore.