Key Logger; And the Importance of Using It

By  //  December 2, 2022

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In this world that has become internet-dominant and the internet has become a part of our lives as well as our children’s lives. Through the internet, there is a lot of risk to our kids of getting exposed to a lot of threats.

This has put many parents under the stress of monitoring the activities of their kids so that they are safe from any unwanted content. One of the best ways is the key loggers that help the parents in monitoring the activities on the phone. 

Why Using Key logger is a Necessity for Parents

Simply put, the keylogger is software that is installed on the computer and that logs the keystrokes, detects it, and records them. All the information that is loaded is stored that can be checked later on.

There are many kinds of undetectable keylogger for Windows in the present age and day that can record keystrokes not only on your computers but also on your smartphones making it easier especially for parents to access the information. 

Keylogger helps you watch all your children’s internet activities – Let’s face it, you cannot be there with your children all the time! Your children might be at risk of talking to random strangers who may turn out badly for them.

While you are at work, the keylogger will record all of the keystrokes will give you an idea about what your children may be up to. 

Everything is saved and recorded – Monitoring children can be quite a challenging task in the present era.

But worry not as the keylogger records all the information and saves it for you so that you can view it all later on and access the information anywhere across the globe. 

Behavioral changes in children can be detected- Any unexplained changes in your children’s behavior can be detected as you have multiple files showing the series of all the online activities that are recorded over some time.

You can analyze those files and figure out what your children might have gone through. 

Parental control features- You will not only have recorded activities in your hands but also full-fledged parental control features that are being provided by most keyloggers nowadays.

These applications come with the option of monitoring and blocking some websites, and applications, location tracking as well as accessing the contact list helping you in assuring the safety of your children. 

Track any miscreants – Your undetectable keylogger for Windows, is also useful for tracking any miscreants. In case your children are troubled by anyone on the internet all the information logged on the files can be helpful for you to track down the person. 

Why Spytector As Your Keylogger?

Spytector is the ultimate stealth keylogger that will meet all the monitoring and surveillance requirements of your computer.  As it runs in the total sheath it is even undetectable even for savvy users.

It is even undetected by antivirus programs as nowadays many keylogger programs are detected by antiviruses. It can be used widely, at home as well as by my corporate users, and all the activities monitored are saved on securely encrypted log files.

The current version of spytector is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 11, and Windows 10.

Our monitoring features include keystrokes, websites, chat, applications, keylogging filter, clipboard monitoring, boot events, passwords, URL history, FTP, and Email log delivery, and the security features include stealth surveillance software, advanced firewall bypass techniques, encrypted settings while the main application features include built-in log viewer utility, option to save the setting, multi-language interface and local log file retrieving.