Trending Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring Styles For 2023

By  //  January 30, 2023

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Among all 2023’s upcoming wedding trends, oval-shaped engagement rings are particularly intriguing.

Oval center stones have brilliant sparkle and look larger per carat, making them a great option to maximize your budget. 

A stunning cut in its own right, the oval also looks amazing in almost any setting, making it an ideal choice no matter what style you’re going for. Want to hear more? Here are the most popular oval-shaped engagement ring styles for 2023!

2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Looking for an engagement ring that will add some sleek bling to your everyday look? You’re in luck. Oval-shaped stones are a popular choice this year, and they even go along great with 2023’s other engagement ring trends.

Looking for an engagement ring that will add some sleek bling to your everyday look? You’re in luck. Oval-shaped stones are a popular choice this year, and they even go along great with 2023’s other engagement ring trends. Many people these days are increasingly concerned with ethical and sustainable practices in the diamond industry. Therefore, selecting ethically sourced oval diamond engagement rings in Melbourne for an engagement ring is a great choice.

This year’s trends include art deco and vintage-inspired rings, yellow gold, and matching wedding band sets–and these styles look even better with oval center stones. 

Why Ovals are a Great Choice 

Oval-shaped diamonds ooze brilliant sparkle. Their glittery look is iconic. And, that sparkle can even help hide imperfections in the diamond. You can easily find an eye-clean oval diamond in the VS range and save a nice chunk of change. 

The soft shape of the oval has a romantic look. Historically, round diamonds were the top choice for engagement rings. Choosing an oval gives a modern twist to a classic look while still delivering the same stunning brilliant appeal. 

The elongated shape results in more finger coverage. Ovals have more surface area than other shapes, making them look larger per carat than other stones. 

Ovals are more affordable. It turns out that fancy-shaped diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. You can usually get a larger stone per carat in oval-cuts, and at a much lower cost!

One of a Kind Oval Engagement Rings 

Unique engagement ring settings are on trend this year. People love an creative look that speaks to the wearer’s aesthetic. Expressing yourself is IN in 2023!

The Twig is a great example of a stunning engagement ring with an unanticipated twist. The delicate band exudes elegance and the two round side stones emphasize the glamorous sparkle of the oval center stone. 

Oval Stones Front & Center

The two-stone trend of last year has sparked a renewed appreciation for the classic solitaire style. Single-stone settings are majorly trendy this year.

If you choose a solitaire setting, oval-shaped center stones are a must! The brilliant sparkle is unmatched, and their elongated shape means they look and feel bigger. The finger coverage it gives makes for a stunning look, and the sparkle of the brilliant cut oval is irresistible. 

The Lexie is a beautiful solitaire setting featuring sleek, modern lines. The smooth look of this setting puts the oval front and center, making it the perfect solitaire setting to focus the onlooker on the oval diamond.

Oval x the Roaring 20s

This year, it’s looking like the roaring 20s have returned! The art-deco style of the 1920s features bold geometric lines, which look fantastic paired with oval-shaped stones. 

Yellow gold settings will also be trending in 2023. Though rose gold made waves during the art deco era, yellow gold puts a timeless spin on vintage pieces. 

The Amber setting shines bright in yellow gold: the golden hue puts a spotlight on the bright diamonds. The combination of the art deco-inspired setting, lustrous yellow gold, and an oval center stone makes this engagement ring wholly symbolic of 2023’s engagement ring trends. 

Lab Grown Diamonds 

A 2023 trend that we are big fans of? Lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are a more environmentally friendly choice, and they’re also around half the price of a comparable natural stone. 

Many couples today choose to save on an engagement ring and spend that money to invest in building a home instead. But with lab diamonds, you can have both! 

Lab-grown diamonds cost significantly less than natural diamonds. This makes decadent engagement rings like The Adelle be reasonably within reach. 

The Adelle features a stunning pave band. The cherry on top is its gorgeous oval lab diamond. Isn’t it great that you can have your ring can be jaw-dropping, elegant and earth-friendly? We sure think so.

Matching Pairs

Matching sets are super popular, and with reason: they make some perfect pairs! Some fit together to create a flush set, while other sets embody the beauty of creating negative space. Either way your set may sit, a matching pair will be trending all 2023. 

The Hidden Halo Penelope engagement ring features a modern look with three side stones on each side of the oval. Paired with a matching wedding band, the sparkle factor is twice as eye-catching. And, the round side stones make the oval center stone shine even brighter. 

The oval covers the wedding band ever so slightly, extending the stone’s brilliance to create a set that is undeniably exquisite together. The set creates negative space that attributes to one cohesive, sparkly look. 

Another Matching Set

If you’re looking to up the sparkle factor, sets like The Kristen might be the right choice for you! The round and marquise lab diamonds create a  brilliant pave band that complements the shine of your oval stone perfectly. 


Elongated shapes like the oval make it easy to create matching sets! Ovals pair exquisitely with chevron bands. The length of the oval center stone makes it a stunning addition to this bejeweled set. 

Why You Should Get An Oval Engagement Ring

Trends come and go, but ovals and gold are things that will never wane in popularity. Choosing an oval-shaped engagement ring–a style that will be highly popular throughout 2023–means choosing a style you’ll enjoy for years to come.