How to Keep Your Shoe Cabinets Smelling Fresh

By  //  March 23, 2023

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Do you often walk to a smell and stuffy cabinet? Do you feel like vomiting the shit out as soon as you open the doors of your shoe cabinet? Probably, you have reached the right place where you will learn a few hacks to prevent your shoe cabinets from accruing lingering smells.

Storing your shoes in a cabinet, such as a corner desk, is one of the best ways to keep your footwear neatly organized and save on floor space. But, besides just storing your shoes, you also need to ensure that your shoe cabinets do not expel a foul odor. Here are a few tricks that you can try out to keep your shoe storage cabinets smelling nice and fresh:

Go for aired cabinets

Shoes that are kept in an airy place are more likely to get free of any stink and odor that remains inside. So, buy airy shoe cabinets that can prevent your shoes and the environment inside the cabinet from going smelly. To accomplish such a task, either go for open-shelf shoe cabinets or buy closed-shoe cabinets that are ventilated and made of breathable materials such as wood, etc.

Never stash freshly worn shoes in the cabinet

In order to keep the floor space clear of shoes, we often make it a habit of keeping our shoes inside the shoe cabinet as soon as we remove them. This is an entirely wrong practice that people have been following, which results in smelly shoe cabinets. Always let your freshly worn shoes stay out for some time before you store them inside the cabinet so that they can get rid of any moisture and bacteria that stands to be the major cause behind smelly shoes. So, allow your shoes to dry out in the open for some time before putting them inside their shoe home.

Follow a cleaning regime

Beyond just cleaning your shoes from time to time, you also need to pay attention to cleaning the shoe home to keep them smelling fresh. As a natural cleaning agent, vinegar stands out to be one of the most effective hacks that can be used for a spotless appeal for your shoe cabinets. Not only does it help in disinfecting your shoe cabinets, but it also helps in getting over stubborn stains.

Using baby powder

Baby powder is a precautionary measure that you can consider using to prevent your shoes from smelling at the very first step. You can sprinkle some talc inside the cabinet and even your shoes to prevent them from smelling bad. Besides just masking the odor inside the shoe cabinets, talcum powder can also excuse fragrance if you make it a habit of dusting some talc inside the shoes and allowing it to stay overnight before wearing them.

Make friends with air fresheners

Air fresheners are one of the easy ways to combat the stinky shoe smells that reside in your shoe cabinets. It masks the odor coming from your shoes and helps keep your cabinets smelling fresh. All you need to do is to keep the air freshener somewhere inside the shoe storage cabinet and let it work its own magic of purifying the area with its sweet smell. As an organic alternative, you can also place lemon slices or coffee beans inside the shoe storage to work the same magic of masking the odors in a natural way.

Using dryer sheets at your rescue

The task of deodorizing sneakers calls for stuffing them with dryer sheets. These sheets, when left overnight tucked inside the sneakers, can help neutralize the odors. Dryer sheets can also help in deodorizing the places where you store your shoes. All you need to do is to lay those sheets on the shelves of the shoe cabinets and allow them to absorb the odor. Also, do not forget to renew them when your nose gets to know that it’s time that the current fabric softener sheets need a replacement.

Try Essential oils

The essential oils hack is also very easy to follow as all you need to do is to dip a ball of cotton in any of the essential oils, such as lavender, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus oil, etc., and keep it at a corner inside the shoe storage cabinet. This will spread a refreshing smell inside the shoe cupboard and will not expose you to any nasty smells when you open your shoe cabinets.

Dry tea bags

Tea bags are a common thing used in almost every household. So, have you been throwing it away after its use? It’s time to collect those tea bags and use them in your shoe cabinets. Yes, you have heard that right! Do not throw the used tea bags because they can absorb the foul smells that surround your footwear in the shoe cabinets. All you need to do is to place a few used tea bags inside your cabinet, and they serve to be a natural odor-repellent to keep off the foul smell in your shoe cabinet.


Besides just storing your shoes right, there is a lot that you need to do to keep your shoe storage cabinets smelling fresh. With this guide, we hope we have helped you with a few tricks that can help you open your shoe cabinets without burying your face in your handkerchief. Not only do these hacks get you a clean and deodorized shoe cabinet, but they will also save you from landing down into an embarrassing situation when you have guests at home and have to open a shoe home that smells bad.