CapCut-Extensive Functionalities and Features of an Online Video Maker

By  //  April 28, 2023

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Technological advancements have made video editing much easier than it used to be by aligning the right audio tracks and screen visuals. You can make your presentations stand out.

The relevance of online video and audio editing tools has been increasing in the market by the day. And, CapCut Online Video Editor has emerged out to be the best in the business. ByteDance launched this editing web product in April 2020, and it has been one of the easy-to-use products ever since.

Due to the versatility provided by this particular editing software, CapCut has been used in multiple projects. With the much-needed creativity of the hour for commercial businesses, some of the few pointing features that have come of this software have been of major help. Also, there are no critical bugs in the software.

Multiple commercial promotions are on the stand. And the features involved in such platforms are mainly used for business needs. Some of them include text, music and stickers. CapCut can abundantly benefit these business platforms with its versatility and safety standards.

Introducing Some of the Platform Rich Features of CapCut

  • Video cropper:

There are several aspect ratios that you can crop a video into. This includes the square frame, the rectangle frame and other similar frames. Also, the ratio aspects of the videos are 1:1, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16 etc.

  • Video trimmer:

With CapCut video maker, you have the best option to trim out any unwanted part of your video. You can simply select and highlight the part that you no longer need. With the advanced striking feature of this website, you will not have to face any bugs and glitches. You shall get the exact trimmed video that you need to maintain the part of the video and its quality.

  • Video merger (e.g. combine two videos into one):

CapCut online also allows you to merge and combine multiple videos at once. You can have the best outputs by setting the duration of the videos you need and the number of videos you want to combine.

Advanced and Intriguing Features of CapCut for Marketing Departments

  • Multiple templates let you do everything with dispatch:

With the plethora of online templates available with CapCut for free, there are also ready-made music and text styles. This software is a one-stop solution for social media managers looking forward to inputting their logo and text templates without compromising the quality. Also, templates are one of the coolest ways to engage your potential audiences. Make the desired effect on your video with such features.

  • Auto-text function to make content go viral:

Auto text, Auto-caption and auto-subtitle are one of the most advanced features of CapCut online video editor, with the help of such features and functions. You shall easily be able to generate text for a video. This is quite a handy step that can be used to create subtitles and other text templates for videos. However, input the right language instantly and have the best outputs.

  • High-quality video exporting:

Streaming your videos with high quality has always been considered one of the most important outputs of any given editing software. This is also one of the reasons why CapCut audio editor for video is preferred over any other editing software and web product. Your outputs are produced and exported in 4K quality without any watermark or product description. This attracts just about the right quantity of users.

  • Green screen and background remover:

The background removal feature of CapCut is the most helpful feature for iOS—Android, and web users. The green screen feature allows the smooth removal of any background using the greenscreen. You do not have to worry about the video’s quality compromise. The chroma key lets you easily access the background removal tool.

A brief on the use of CapCut for editing videos

Step 1

This is the first and foremost step while trying to edit a video with CapCut. Since it is a free online editing video, you do not have to spend anything while trying to register for it by resourcing to the official website. You can register on it via your google, Facebook or TikTok account, as per your needs and thus get started. You are availed of the option to export the video without logging in. However, this will transfer the watermark.

So, by logging in to your socials, you shall be availed of the option to export your edited video in the highest 4k quality, and shall be free of any watermark.

Step 2

Templates are one of the most important basics while editing a video. It is very important to make the right choice. Whether it is a formal template, you want to go ahead with or a template with quite some intriguing features. This also decides the kind of output you will get your hands on.

Step 3

There are many ready-to-use features that the CapCut library has to provide you with. This includes video-enhancing features like music, filters and other necessary transformations. You can separately edit your audio and video. You can implant music and a voice-over of your choice for audio. You can be assured that the quality will not be compromised.

And coming down to the videos, you can go ahead with all the required filters and transitions.

This is when you have to wrap up your editing and prepare to export the videos.

Step 4

This is when you are done editing your videos. After applying your customized templates, music, filters, and transitions, you can click on the export button. CapCut video generator supports almost up to 4k tweaks, and the export set includes:

  • The resolution: 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • The Frame rate: The frame rate ranges from 24, 25, 50, to 60.
  • Apart from all these features, a smart HDR option can turn your video resolution into the highest form.

After this, you have the free options to either download the video or save it. Or you can also share it directly to your social media websites like YouTube and Facebook.


Though multiple websites allow for the best online editing of your videos, CapCut, with the most advanced features, is one of the feature-rich platforms. It is non-destructive software that doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the video. Also, it is one of the best professional choices for marketing firms.