What to Know Before Moving to Arlington Heights

By  //  April 13, 2023

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Moving to Arlington Heights means moving to a nice neighborhood in Illinois that is known for being in a suburban area. It is a fantastic area if you are looking for the best of both city life and the conveniences of living in the suburbs, and it is located about 30 minutes outside of the core of downtown Chicago.

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, this is the place for you. Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a flourishing and active suburb of Chicago that is located around 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the north of the city’s core business district. 

The distance between the two locations is in the range of 40 kilometers. It is well-known for the caliber of its educational facilities as well as for the friendliness of its environment toward families and the variety of leisure options it offers. You should be aware of a few things before relocating to Arlington Heights, and one of those things is the fact that you are considering moving to Arlington Heights.

The Cost of Living is Higher 

The cost of living there, an upscale suburb, is substantially higher than the national average. When compared to the median price of a property in Arlington Heights, which is roughly $400,000, the average price of a home across the country is approximately $250,000. This figure is significantly lower than the median price of a home in Arlington Heights. Yet, the cost of living is still far less expensive than it is in the central business district of Chicago.

The Schools Are Excellent

It is well known that the schools in Arlington Heights are quite good. Three different school districts provide educational opportunities for the neighborhood’s children: the Community Consolidated School District 59, the Township High School District 214, and the Arlington Heights School District 25. Each of the three school districts is well known for providing very high-quality education.

There’s Plenty to Do

Residents of Arlington Heights have access to a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The Arlington Heights Park District provides its community with a diverse selection of activities and amenities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, and more. In addition, the neighborhood plays host to a number of events on a yearly basis, such as the Arlington Heights Farmers Market, the Frontier Days Festival, and the Arlington Heights Art Festival.

The Transportation System is Excellent

The rest of the Chicago metropolitan region may be reached quickly and easily from Arlington Heights. The community is close to several major roads, such as Interstates 90 and 290. Also, the Metra commuter train has many stops in Arlington Heights, making it easy to get to both the city center of Chicago and the suburbs nearby.

The Weather Can Be Harsh

Arlington Heights, like the rest of the Midwest, experiences a wide range of weather patterns throughout the year. Winters can be very cold and snowy, whereas summers can be extremely hot and humid. If you are not used to living in colder climates, you might find it hard to get through the winters in Arlington Heights.

The Community is Diverse

The community of Arlington Heights is extremely varied. According to the United States Census Bureau, the community’s population consists of a variety of ethnic groups, including black Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and whites. In addition, there is a thriving LGBTQ community in the neighborhood.

Job Opportunities Are Plentiful

The Northwest Community Hospital, the Arlington Park Racetrack, and the Arlington Heights Park District are three of the most important employers in the city of Arlington Heights, which is also home to several other notable employers. The neighborhood’s proximity to a number of Chicago’s key employment hubs makes it an excellent choice for people who travel to the city for work.

Housing Options Are Varied

When you move to Arlington Heights, you will see that there are many different kinds of homes for sale or rent. You are likely to find something that meets both your requirements and your financial constraints, regardless of whether you are looking for an apartment, a townhome, or a single-family home.

The Downtown Area is Charming

The central business district of Arlington Heights is a nice area that is easy to get around and has a wide range of stores, restaurants, and places to go out and have fun. This region is home to a number of historically significant structures, one of which is the Arlington Heights Historical Museum.

The Community Safe

When you move to Arlington Heights, you should know that it is a very safe community. NeighborhoodScout reports that the amount of reported criminal activity in this area is noticeably lower than the average for the United States. Residents of the community say they do not feel unsafe going about their daily routines at any time of the day or night because there is an active police force in the town.

Parking Can be a Challenge

In the event that you intend to drive while moving to Arlington Heights, you should be aware of the parking situation. Parking on the street might be difficult to find, particularly in the downtown area. It’s possible that you’ll need to buy a parking permit or find a spot in a parking garage.

Final Thoughts

In general, Arlington Heights is a wonderful community to settle down in. It provides a good quality of life by way of great schools and a variety of opportunities for leisure and entertainment. The perks of living in Arlington Heights more than make up for the higher expense of living there, even though it may not be the most economical place to call home. Make sure to put Arlington Heights on your list of potential destinations in the Chicago metropolitan area if you are considering making a move there.

It’s possible that now that you’ve gotten a feel for the fundamentals of what it’s like to live in Arlington Heights, you’ll come to the conclusion that this amazing town is perfect for you to call home. Arlington Heights movers may help make your goals come true if you are looking to move in Arlington Heights, Illinois.