Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich: Kurganstalmost – 15 Years at the Head of an Industrial Giant

By  //  July 13, 2023

The Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev biography is connected with the development of one of the largest enterprises in the Kurgan region, which he joined many years ago as a craftsman.

He systematically built his career, and in 2008, a major turning point came for Dmitry Paryshev – Kurganstalmost chose him to head the entire enterprise.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev: Brief biography

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev was born in Kurgan on 5/15/1979. In his childhood, he spent a lot of time at his father’s work, at a plant that produced metal structures used for building bridges. Dmitry Paryshev was interested in the various Kurganstalmost workshops, where more than 1,000 employees worked even back then. He was impressed by the scale of production, but was not seriously thinking about a career at that time.

Paryshev Dmitry got interested in hockey while he was in school. He was quite advanced by the time he was a teenager, and he went to the Voskresensk hockey school to continue improving his skills. The institution trains talented young people from all over the country. Among its graduates are some outstanding hockey players, including world and Olympic champions. Dmitry Paryshev spent several years at the sports school.

Paryshev Dmitry then returned to Kurgan, where he played for the Mostovik Hockey Club until the early 2000s. He was also a physical education instructor for the team. Over time, he realized that professional sports take a toll on a player’s health, as he received injuries that prevented him from continuing his hockey career.

Dmitry Paryshev decided to get his higher education in a completely different field – economics. In 2001, he graduated from Kurgan State University, in his hometown. Just a week after graduation, Paryshev Dmitry was drafted into the army. He served in a radiation, chemical, and biological protection unit.

After he was discharged from the army, he decided to build a career at the largest production facility in the city.

Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost: Career path

Dmitry Paryshev began working as a craftsman in a pre-production workshop at Kurganstalmost in 2002, and subsequently held a similar position in other workshops. At Kurganstalmost, Dmitry Paryshev studied all the stages of work from development and design to production, quality control, and sales.

Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich worked at the company during a period of rapid development in the 2000s. The range of products produced was expanding, its quality was reaching a new level due to technological re-equipping, and transportation and logistics flows were being established, all of which made the enterprise a flagship of domestic bridge building, with a significant contribution from Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich. Kurganstalmost actively incorporated advanced and often unique solutions into its production processes, drawing on the experience of foreign colleagues. In 2003, Dmitry Paryshev was appointed deputy director for development and marketing, and later – executive director. Together with the technical director, he absorbed the best foreign experience, visited various enterprises, and actively participated in modernizing the Kurgan plant.

Dmitry Paryshev oversaw the introduction of a metal laser cutting system that was brought from Germany. The innovative technique made it possible to improve the process of high-speed precision metal cutting, which improved production. Gas cutting machines were also actively used in procurement production.

Paryshev Dmitry also brought in a new Finnish production line for the anti-corrosion treatment of products, which became the basis for Kurgan’s own metal processing line. Welding production was also modernized. Kurganstalmost products are currently used in the construction of all types of bridge crossings, hydro-technical structures, stadiums, and other sports facilities, as well as infrastructure facilities.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev Kurganstalmost became the head of the enterprise in 2008. 

Paryshev Dmitry: Head of the company 

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev played a key role in creating an updated strategy beginning in 2006, which he began to implement as the head of the company. Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev’s goal was to increase production and expand the company’s work in new directions. Diversifying the business helped Kurganstalmont not only survive the financial crisis of 2008, but also become a successful holding company.

Paryshev Dmitry’s leadership helped the enterprise expand into the manufacturing of welded sheet piling for use in hydraulic, transportation, and industrial-civil construction, as well as sand and gravel quarries. 

Kurganstalmost also established Mostproekt LLC, which provides comprehensive project planning services, including 3D modeling, audits of industrial building safety, the development of regulations for the production or installation of metal structures, and the adaptation or modification of existing project documentation.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev also supported the establishment of a lumber processing enterprise that began operations in 2008. Today, Kurganstalmost Forest LLC harvests about 70,000 cubic meters of wood, supplying major customers with lumber while adhering to the rational use of resources and promoting reforestation by planting trees and implementing anti-fire measures.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev’s enterprise also includes educational and sports facilities. For example, it operates a training center that conducts personnel certification for welding production and professional training for electric welders to raise their qualifications. As emphasized by Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost is interested in good professionals, so even if someone lacks skills but has a strong desire to work, the company will provide all the necessary training.

Dmitry Paryshev supervised the construction of an ice rink, with a capacity for 2,500 spectators, for cultural and sports events. It serves as the home arena for the Zauralye team, which is supported by Kurganstalmost (Dmitry Paryshev played for the same team when it was called Mostovik). Children from the local sports school also practice there, and various other events are held.

Of course, the holding’s main work is the design and construction of bridge crossings, buildings, and structures for various purposes. Under Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich, Kurganstalmost has increased its production capacity 2.5 times, producing 100,000 tons of metal structures for various purposes annually.

Paryshev Dmitry Nikolaevich, Kurganstalmost: Major projects

Kurganstalmost has implemented a number of significant projects in different regions of the country, including several facilities in the Far East as part of the preparation for the APEC Summit in Vladivostok in 2012.

Under Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost also built the impressive Fisht Stadium in Sochi a year later, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics and the matches of the 2018 World Cup were held.

Dmitry Paryshev also got the company involved in the preparations for the World Cup, and under his leadership, it supplied metal structures for a number of stadiums in a number of cities. The company’s products were used for roofing and facades, and the company’s experts drew up unique plans, including for the roof of the stadium in Yekaterinburg and the dome of the arena in Samara.

Dmitry Nikolaevich Paryshev has been the CEO for 15 years, and under him, the company has built the Otkritie Arena in the capital, bridge crossings over the Ob River in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, over the Irtysh River in Kazakhstan, road and railway bridges over the Amu Darya River in Turkmenistan, and more.

This year, the holding is working on an ice rink in Nizhny Novgorod. To build the multi-purpose platform with artificial ice, the enterprise will supply 3,300 tons of metal structures, including ring beams, covering arches, ties, and braces.

Dmitry Paryshev: Social policy

Under the supervision of Dmitry Paryshev, Kurganstalmost implements a range of social programs, and considerable attention is given to supporting company employees. Training courses and professional skills competitions are held at the training center, with the best employees receiving prizes. The children of Kurganstalmost employees can count on financial support when entering specialized universities. Veterans also receive additional financial support from the company.

Dmitry Paryshev, himself a former professional athlete, supports the organization of corporate tournaments and various other competitions, hiking trips, and more. Employees also have open access to the company gym, swimming pool, and ice rink where they can play hockey.

Dmitry Paryshev Kurganstalmost provides constant assistance in regional social projects. The company helps organize cultural and sporting events and the construction of major facilities. As the head of one of the largest enterprises in the region, Paryshev Dmitry also initiated sponsorship support for educational and cultural institutions. The company sponsors the local hockey club and also supports motorsports in the Kurgan region.

Kurganstalmost has also erected a number of healthcare, educational, and sports facilities throughout the city

Dmitry Paryshev has received several awards for his professional activity.

Dmitry Paryshev was a member of the Kurgan city legislative assembly for some time, where he advocated for the improvement of the regional capital to beautify the city and stop the outflow of the population, especially young people. He was a member of the local parliament for three years.