Unique Ways to Personalize Your Garden and Backyard

By  //  July 13, 2023

Whilst some people like to keep their home looking like a neat and tidy showroom (well, try to anyway) and their car appearing as if has been driven off the forecourt, others prefer a more colorful, creative, and customized life.

When it comes to your treasured garden and backyard, think of the area as a naturally grown blank canvas and take inspiration from the following unique ways to personalize the space. 

Plant a Stunning Living Wall 

Living walls are the most beautiful addition to any garden and are a particularly good idea for smaller gardens and backyards with less available space. 

You could choose to install a separate structure for the base of the living wall, or else plant vertical greenery on the side of your home, creating a unique, beautiful and truly alive outdoor focal point. Living walls are also a fantastic way of doing ‘your bit’ for the environment. 


Another simple yet effective way of personalizing your garden and backyard is to treat it in the same way as you would when you’re choosing an outfit for a night out; accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Even though, when you visit a large homeware store or garden center, it appears as if the ‘proper’ way to style your garden furniture is to ensure everything match in terms of colors, patterns and textures, exactly.

However, add your own sense of personal style by mixing and matching different colored woods, textures and materials to create a deeper and richer aesthetic and moreover, the more garden accessories and different colored plant pots, the better.

Try Your Hand at Upcycling

If you consider yourself somewhat adept with a paintbrush in your hand, then you may well want to consider sourcing older and discarded items of garden furniture and bringing them home to upcycle. 

Collect some simple tools and items to help you with the task, such as sandpaper for smoothing down any rough edges, a variety of different-sized paintbrushes and different colors of paint (you never know what you want to create in the moment) and start making some fabulous one-off garden pieces. 

Create a Specific Area for Your Kids

Even if you have a garden that is somewhat on the smaller side, there is still a way of creating a specific, kid-friendly area for your children to play. 

Instead of all of your children’s toys scattered across the decking and lawn and random objects such as a sandpit in the way of the flower beds, for example, create a corner of the garden in which they can be as messy as they want to. What is more, you could always go for it and look into professional laser engraving for bricks and name the space after your children. 

Build a Garden Pond

If you enjoy sitting back in your garden chair with a glass of wine and a good book and watching different species of birds frolic in the feeders, then why not go one step further and construct a basic garden pond?

Not only will the addition of a small garden pond encourage all kinds of wildlife to your garden, it will also be great for the environment. Garden ponds, regardless of size, help with water conservation, create environmental awareness for your children and mean fewer fertilizers and pesticides will be polluting the atmosphere. 

Finally, no beautifully decorated and designed backyard and garden is complete without solar lighting and whether you choose to hang string lights right around the perimeter of your fences, or else choose to centralize solar lights around a particular area, the more lights, the better!