What to Know Before Buying Your First Bong | Guide

By  //  October 2, 2023

What is a glass bong?

The number of people who have started to consume different types of herbs has started to increase over the past couple of years.

With the increase in the number, the methods of smoking have also increased, allowing people a better and more satisfying smoking experience. 

One of the methods that people have grown accustomed to smoke is by using glass bongs. Even though there are many different types of bongs, glass bongs are considered to be among the most popular bongs that people use. People’s preference for using glass bongs is associated with the fact that using glass allows them to get a smoother and cleaner hit since the essence of the other types of herbs does not easily stick to glass. 


A glass bong – which is often referred to as a bong – is used to smoke different types of herbs, such as tobacco, cannabis, weed, marijuana, and others. Glass bongs have become a trend due to the aesthetically pleasing experience that the product provides its users. In other words, by using a bong, smokers are required to prepare everything from scratch by only having the raw materials, such as the herbs they prefer and water.


So, to enjoy the smoking experience, investing and buying a glass bong is highly recommended. However, before making the investment, it is important to understand the different types and features to be able to make better decisions. 

Different types of bongs

As mentioned before, there are different types of bongs available in the market, which can make the decision-making process of which type to purchase difficult. 

To choose the right type of bong for your preferences, it is essential to understand what each type has to offer and what benefits you will get compared to the products’ cost. 


First of all, a consumer needs to distinguish which material of bongs is best fitted for their preferences. When looking into the market, people will find glass bongs, plastic, ceramic, and acrylic bongs. Thus, it is essential to narrow down the list by choosing the material of the bong.


On the other hand, there are different designs for bongs. The differences in the designs provide people with different benefits. 


To further elaborate, using a percolator bong, people will have the benefit of smoking a more filtered hit since the design of the bong allows better filtration. Additionally, there are ice bongs where people have the opportunity to insert ice cubes inside the component, allowing the smoke to cool off before reaching the smoker’s mouth. 

There are many other types, such as the multi-chamber bong, beaker bong, straight tube bong, etc. So, be sure to research all the types available to distinguish which type is the most suitable for you. 

Components of a bong and how each one works

Even though there are different types of bongs, which means each type can have different components, there are some cliches bong components that every bong should have to provide the best experience for smokers. 

The water chamber is the most important part of the bong, which is at the base of the product. The water chamber needs to be filled with water before inhaling the smoke of the herb, allowing the smoke to circulate inside the chamber and cooling it down before it passes through the mouthpiece. 

The bowl piece is another important component of a bong as it is the place where people have to put herbs and light them on fire. However, before storing the herbs, it is essential to grind them to get the most of their flavor.

The tube and the mouthpiece are the means by which the smoke travels and allows people to inhale it. 

A guide to choosing the best bong for you:

1- Different sizes

In addition to the different types of bongs available in the market, each type has its different sizes. Be sure to choose the type that fits your preferences. In other words, if you wish to smoke for longer periods, it is better to invest in a larger bong.

2- Smoke filtration

Choosing a larger glass bong means that the burnt smoke of the herb will have a larger area to circulate and cool off. 

Hence, be sure to buy a bong where you will get a more cooled-off hit, which will enhance your experience. 

3- Price range

Before purchasing the bong, try doing a cost-benefit analysis – meaning, try calculating the benefits against the cost you are willing to pay for the product. If the benefits outweigh the costs, then the cost of the investment will be worth it.

4- Cleaning complexity

Cleaning is an important part of smoking using a bong because the remaining residue inside the tube can mix with the herbs’ flavor, which will create a bad taste. 

Thus, ensure the cleaning process is easily achieved by using the bong.

5- Purchasing from a reputable supplier

Lastly, be sure to purchase the bong from a reputable supplier that has good reviews from its past customers to ensure high-quality products.


To conclude, many criteria go into consideration when deciding on which bong to purchase. Thus, be sure to research and come to the most suitable choice.