Beyond Brevard: Meth Makers Accidentally Reveal Location

By  //  October 10, 2014

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ABOVE VIDEO: Recording of a meth dealers who accidently revealed their location to authorities via an accidental 911 call.

DELTONA, FLORIDA — Officials said an accidental 911 call led sheriff’s deputies to a meth house in Florida over the weekend.

Dispatchers fielded a phone call about 12:31 a.m. Saturday with the standard greeting: “911, where’s your emergency?”

While no one on the other end responded, the call-taker could hear voices in the background.

Authorities said what those voices were saying immediately piqued the dispatcher’s interest, as she quickly realized that she was overhearing a discussion about drugs. Using cellphone locator data, deputies were dispatched to the home where they traced the sound of the voices to a shed in the backyard. When deputies peered through an open window, they could see meth-making materials in plain view, investigators said.

The suspects were identified as 55-year-old Donna Knope, 32-year-old Jason Knope and 41-year-old Thomas Stallings. All three were charged with manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell or deliver.
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