VIDEO: Gov. Rick Scott Visits Rockledge, Part of ‘Million Miles For a Million Jobs’ Tour

By  //  January 15, 2016

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Grimaldi Candies In Rockledge HOSTS GOV. SCOTT

ABOVE VIDEO: In a exclusive interview with Space Coast Daily, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lòpez-Cantera talked about the ‘Million Miles for a Million Jobs’ tour, among other topics. (Zach Clark, Space Coast Daily)

BREVARD COUNTY • ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA – Following the news that Florida businesses have created more than one million jobs in just five years, Florida Gov. Rick Scott celebrated his “Million Miles for a Million Jobs” tour with a visit to Grimaldi Candy Company in Rockledge on Thursday afternoon.

In front of a sizable crowd, Gov. Scott was joined by his wife Ann and Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lòpez-Cantera as he talked about the success of Florida’s job creation numbers.

Last November, Florida’s private-sector jobs grew at a rate of 3.6 percent, which was the highest among the 10 most populous states, including Texas, California and New York.

Rick Scott

Rick Scott

“This state is on a roll, we have over 300,000 job openings and we are adding jobs every month which is the most important thing we can do for our (Florida) family,” said Gov. Scott in a exclusive interview with Space Coast Daily.

More than 1,000 people are moving to Florida each day and has surpassed the 20 million population mark.

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida Gov. Rick Scott celebrated his “Million Miles for a Million Jobs” tour with a visit to Grimaldi Candies in Rockledge on Thursday afternoon. (Zach Clark, SpaceCoastDaily)

Gov. Scott addressed the growing population and the benefits it brings for Florida residents.

“The positive (benefit) is the state revenue is growing and we already have record funding for education and transportation,” said Gov. Scott.

“We need to continue to invest and make sure we have the best infrastructure to create more jobs as more people move to Florida.” 

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lòpez-Cantera offered his secret to Florida’s success.

Carlos Lòpez-Cantera

Carlos Lòpez-Cantera

“It’s great to be in Rockledge and be able to promote our state and show less taxes and government makes a difference,” said Lt. Gov. Carlos Lòpez-Cantera.

“It works. That’s how we’ve accomplished a million jobs in the private sector.”

In an interview with Space Coast Daily, Gov. Scott talked about how he can relate with presidential candidate Donald Trump as a non-traditional politician.

He recently wrote about the parallels between Trump’s bid for a public office position to his own a few years ago.

In 2010, Scott ran for the governor and wasn’t labeled an “establishment” candidate.

“In 2010, people said to me, ‘how can you be a governor,’ ‘we don’t even know who you are,'” said Scott.

The next year he won the Governor’s seat.

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Other stops on the “Million Miles for a Million Jobs” bus tour include Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, The Villages and West Palm Beach.


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