Election Season Approaches In Brevard County

By  //  March 27, 2012

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Primaries for Brevard County political races are Aug. 14, followed by the general election Nov. 6. (Shutterstock image)

BREVARD COUNTY • VIERA, FLORIDA – Here’s an update on the candidates contesting for local seats in Brevard County in this year’s elections.

The primary contests are set for Aug. 14, with the general election to be held Nov. 6.


Although candidates have until June 8 to announce for office, Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott said she does not anticipate many more candidates will enter the races at this point, although it’s likely that some candidates on this list may withdraw.

“Brevard is a big county,” Scott said. ‘It’s big geographically, and it’s big in population. Running for office is quite a commitment.”

So far, the list of declared candidates includes:

 • The Clerk of the Circuit Court primary race is contested by Republicans Scott Ellis, Rodney Kernan and incumbent Mitch Needelman.

Republican incumbent Andy Anderson is aiming to be re-elected to the Brevard County Commission District 5 seat this fall.

•  Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker has indicated he is not seeking re-election. Declaring for the primary for sheriff are Republican candidates Gary Harrell, Wayne Ivey and Larry “Todd” Maddox. Democratic sheriff primary candidates are Adrian Maurice Moss Beasley and Mark Steven Orndoff. A non-affiliated candidate is Ernest Cathy. Republican candidate Cliff Webster has withdrawn from the race.

 • For Brevard County Property Appraiser, Republican candidates are Dana Blickley, Jason Steele and incumbent Jim Ford. The Democrat candidate is Charlie Sitton.

 • In the race for Brevard County Supervisor of Elections, Lori Scott is the Republican incumbent and so far is unopposed in her bid for re-election.

 • Incumbent Lisa Cullen is running unopposed in the race for Brevard County Tax Collector to date.

 • For the County Commission District 1 seat, Democrat incumbent Robin Fisher is unopposed in the primary. Republican candidates are Matt Nye and Richard Ware. A non-affiliated candidate is Michael D. Pace, while Dwight Seigler is running as an independent.

Joe Pishgar is running for the County Commission District 3 seat in the Democratic primary in August.

 • The County Commission District 3 seat race features Republican incumbent Trudie Infantini meeting primary opponents Matt Collins, Jason B. Mahaney and Helen Voltz. Democrat candidates are Isabel Wright and Joe Pishgar. A non-affiliated candidate is Patrick D. Woodard.

 • In the County Commission District 5 race, Republican incumbent Andy Anderson will meet Democrat Sylvester H. Julien in the general election in November.

 • For Brevard School Board District 3, the declared candidates so far are incumbent Amy Kneessy and challenger Dean Paterakis.

 •  In the Brevard School Board District 4 race, incumbent Karen Henderson running unopposed thus far.

 •  The race for the Canaveral Port Authority District 2 seat so far has incumbent Joe D. Matheny running unopposed.

 • In the Canaveral Port Authority District 4 race, Captain Charles Sheridan has announced his candidacy for the seat. He will face incumbent Republican R. Bruce Deardoff in the general election.

 •  For Mayor of Palm Bay/City Council Seat 1, the candidates include William Capote, Willard Earl Conyers, Sondra Lane Karwel and incumbent John Joseph Mazziotti.

 • The Palm Bay City Council Seat 2 race features candidates Lucinda Earls, David A. Mercado, Harry Santiago Jr. and Paul Walker.

 • For the Palm Bay City Council Seat 3 seat, the announced candidates so far are Brian Anderson, Missy Wilson, Sandra Kane Karwel and incumbent Michele Paccione.

• In the race for the lone West Melbourne City Council seat this year, John C. D’Amico is running unopposed so far.

 • The Barefoot Bay Trustee race so far has candidate James E. Farrell without an opponent.

 •  For County Court Judge Group 5, the candidates declaring to run so far are Curt Jacobus, Samuel H. Edwards and Stephen R. Koons.

 • The County Court Judge Group 6 race has Kenneth Friedland running unopposed.

 • The County Court Judge Group 7 election has Cathleen B. Clarke running without an opponent.

 • In the County Court Judge Group 10 race, incumbent Judith “Judy” Atkin faces challenges from Sean C. Cutshall and Morris Richardson.

 • The County Court Judge Group 11 race has John Murphy unopposed thus far.

 •  In the race for Public Defender for the 18th Circuit Court, the Aug. 14 Republican primary is between Kenneth Erwin Rhoden and Robert Blaise Trettis.

 • Circuit Court District 18 judges Lisa Davidson (Group 7), Debra Nelson (Group 10), Charles Crawford (Group 20) and James Earp (Group 26) are running unopposed.


  1. taxpayers fed up with ever increasing tax rates should pay careful attention to the county commission race. It is their last chance to have a “less government” majority on county commission, possibly for 4 years.

    If Robin Fisher gets re-elected, taxpayers are likely to see higher tax rates on their next TRIM notice.

  2. Please update your posting so everyone can see those running. In District 4 for School Board at the last minute someone stepped up to oppose Karen Henderson. Please update your information.

  3. Doesn’t anyone have any info on the the Judges or mayors up for election? I mean…how did they vote, what did they do …..who cares if they are men or women or married or kids….aw that is sweet and good info but I don’t think their child or wife is going to do their work…..No info and going on site number 6.

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