As Supreme Court Ponders Healthcare, Rumors Fly

By  //  April 30, 2012

Healthcare Policy


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Although speculation is rampant about the ultimate U.S Supreme Court ruling regarding the disputed elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) scheduled to be released at the end of the present term in June, Paul Clement, who argued against the law on behalf of 26 states, notes a real and accurate “leak” originating from the hallowed halls of the highest court in the land would be historically extremely improbable.

 However, the Reuters article by Joan Biskupic excerpted below suggests that  the media has received various tips from “would-be sources” who claim they have information regarding the outcome of the case or when the decision will be revealed, and that some observers have even begun wagering on the outcome of the case.

The prediction market allows a “player” to buy “shares” in an event happening or not happening and pays off like the stock and futures market. Presently the probablility of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling the individual mandate of the PPACA unconstitutional is 58.9%.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Reuters)–This week the U.S. Supreme Court wrapped up the last oral arguments of its current term. Now comes the nationwide angst of waiting – as long as two months – for decisions, particularly the one that will resolve the most high-stakes and closely watched case of the year: the challenge to the Obama-sponsored healthcare law.

The collective impatience is fueling a mini-industry of rumors, wagers and speculation not seen since the Bush v. Gore case of 2000, when a presidential election hung in the balance. And perhaps not even then, because the court quickly put an end to the guessing game by issuing a ruling the day after the case was argued.

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