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By  //  April 1, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – There’s not much of a downside to high-tech golf gear – can the stuff eventually make you a better golfer, how about a better putter?

Brian Hatfield with Martha Scholz. (For Space Coast Golf)

The recently released iPING putter app, puts a wealth of personal putting information in the palm of your hand. The iPING app is a free download from the App Store and used in conjunction with a companion cradle (MSRP $30), which holds the mobile device and clips onto the putter shaft just below the grip, allowing you to analyze your putting stroke even more closely.

In the Words of PING:

  • It’s a very cool innovation that gets to the very heart of what we do at PING: help people play better golf.
  • It works by measuring key aspects of your putting stroke.
  • it’s innovative, intuitive and effective.

The App analyzes and displays your consistency onscreen using three criteria: stroke type (determined by how much the putter face rotates during the forward stroke); impact angle (the putter’s face angle at impact, relative to address); and tempo (a measure of the duration of the backswing relative to the forward swing).

By computing your consistency over a series of five putts where, your stroke type, impact angle and tempo are measured; the program displays and stores every putt in that session.

Your consistency scores are averaged over time to build a Putting Handicap (PHcp). As you improve your consistency, you’ll see your PHcp come down.

“We’ve done thousands of hours of player testing that show when a golfer’s putter balance matches their stroke type, their consistency goes way up, and they make a lot more putts,” Solheim said.

“As many times as we use our putter during a round, Fit for Stroke offers great potential to shoot lower scores.”

The first step is to hit a series of five putts. After the session, the app displays a shaft label color-coded by stroke type: blue for straight strokes, green for slight arcs, and red for strong arcs.

Once you know your stroke type and corresponding shaft label, tapping the “Recommend Putter” tab brings up a list of every current PING putter model that matches your stroke type. You simply scroll through the list to find the models that appeal to you.

“Our intention is that iPING Fit and Fit for Stroke will revolutionize putter fitting the same way that our PING Color Code Chart changed club fitting nearly 40 years ago,” Solheim said.

“The goal is to make the process easier and faster, with measurably better results for golfers.”


After visiting Golf USA in Suntree, attempting to find out what all this iPING talk was about I became increasingly aware that this thing really worked. I found that golfers are more drawn to models that fit their eye or, are name brand conscious, even before they fit their stroke.

I had also realized I too, had fallen victim.

After experimenting with the iPING I found the App was indicating that I had a consistent tendency to arc ever so slightly.

While checking the balance on my personal putter I found my putter was “toe down” weighted which is a putter better suited for player with a “strong arc”; just the opposite of what the App was indicating for me.

My tendency was to miss putts to the left. Using the app, my stroke appeared to be relatively straight with maybe even a slight arc. The results indicate that I should be using a “face balanced” or maybe mid-hang” putter.

While Lee Sanford, staff at Golf USA, handed me a couple of putters, more “balanced to fit my stroke” , experimenting with “mid-hang” as well as “face-balanced” putters, we came upon the “holy grail”, it just happens to possess miraculous powers.

The putter actually felt like it belonged in my hand. The stroke was smooth and solid and I could actually feel the ball on the face of the putter as I stroked through the ball. I stroked 5 putts sinking 4 of them.

Additionally, what I found is that once you have fit yourself and have the right putter in your hands, the App can be used as a training tool. If you are feeling a little inconsistent you can snap on the App and hit 5 putts. It will actually show you your inconsistencies.

The final results, the iPING App can prove that a golfer’s consistency improves when their putter balance matches their stroke type.

Space Coast Golf says, “might be one of the best $30 lessons you ever had…and you can take it home with you.”

Visit Golf USA and pick up a new toy, even adults like to play. You may find you are playing better.


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