Blickley Endorsed By Firefighters Local 2969

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Dana Blickley will face Jim Ford and Jason Steele in the Republican primary on August 14 for Brevard County Property Appraiser.

TO: The Dana Blickley Campaign
FROM: Michael Zocchi, President, BCPFF Local 2969
RE: Open Letter of Endorsement


I am happy to tell you that on behalf of the Brevard County Professional Firefighters Local 2969, we offer you our full endorsement in your bid for Brevard County Property Appraiser.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to speak with our executive board last week on your bid for Brevard County Property Appraiser.

Michael Zocchi

It is refreshing to see a candidate who is not only easy to talk to, but who can relate to so many of the current issues our citizens face in today’s complicated world.

Given today’s ever changing political climate; your ideas, ideals, and standards are to be admired.

You have displayed to us that you are not only knowledgeable on the job and its’ duties, but that you plan to take an objective and fair approach as well.

You are progressive and look to the future with your proposed policies and practices. You hold the respect of your peers and the public.

Dana Blickley

With a woman of your integrity and understanding, the citizens you serve will have someone in office they can trust to assure their rights are protected. You understand that government exists to protect the public, and to serve it.

It would be an honor to see you serve our community. Please feel free to use this endorsement, our logo and name in your publications and press releases.

We look forward to your successful bid for office and will help in any way we can.

– Michael Zocchi, President, BCPFF Local 2969