Goldfarb To Lead Holy Trinity Baseball

By  //  June 3, 2012

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Greatness Steps Up Again

It didn’t take long.

A week after announcing his retirement from Cocoa High and Brevard County’s Public School system, as reported first and only in, Chuck Goldfarb has accepted the position of associate athletic director and head baseball coach at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy.

If it appears as if it happened quickly, it’s because it did.

Chuck Goldfarb guided Merritt Island High School to several state baseball championships and then became athletic director at Cocoa High School where he enjoyed even greater success as the school won three consecutive state football titles and the state basketball crown. ( image)

While Goldfarb, 64, was processing his retirement paperwork and pondering what he might do next on a part-time basis, he got a phone call from Holy Trinity athletic director Lenny Paoletti.

Greatest Prep Baseball Coach Ever On The Space Coast

Paoletti was looking for a baseball coach and wanted the input and advice from Goldfarb, who is only the greatest baseball coach the Space Coast’s high schools have ever had.

“I called him because I have so much respect for his opinion and I asked him who he thought would make a good fit for us,” Paoletti said. “He told me he’d give it some thought and get back with me.”

When the two men talked again, Goldfarb informed Paoletti that he was retiring and that he might be interested in the position.

Paoletti was floored … in a good way.

“We were fortunate enough to just have three representatives from Holy Trinity go into the Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame,” Paoletti said, referring to the elite inaugural class that was inducted on May 11. Representing Holy Trinity were Doug Butler, Vicky Hurst and Kayla Hale.

Another Space Coast Sports Hall Of Famer Joins Holy Trinity 

“And now it’s like, oh my gosh, we have an opportunity to bring another hall of famer to Holy Trinity with Chuck Goldfarb. I’m ecstatic.”

For Goldfarb, who was looking to do something part-time in his retirement, he described it as a “perfect fit.”

“I look at myself as semiretired, because I didn’t want to sit still. You can only play so much golf,” he said. “Baseball is my first passion. This gives me an opportunity to do what I love, which is coach baseball and build a program. Plus, I get to work with my best friend again in Mark Hedgecock.”

Goldfarb’s skills as an astute administrator and “horse-trader” made it possible for Cocoa High to go from having some of the worst athletic facilities in the county, to some of the best in just a few years. (For

Goldfarb and Hedgecock have been quite the combination, coaching together at Merritt Island High and Cocoa High.

A former head baseball coach at Satellite High School, Hedgecock now rejoins Goldfarb as an assistant. Now it’s a matter of rounding out his staff.

“I’m looking for a hitting instructor, a pitching coach and a head junior varsity coach,” he said.

Goldfarb is also looking forward to this new chapter in his coaching life.

“I’m excited,” he said. “They’ve really made me feel comfortable here, and I truly believe that I have their support and commitment to take this baseball program to the next level.”

373 Victories Against Only 130 Losses Over 17 Seasons

In his retirement from the public school system, Goldfarb left behind quite a legacy. As a baseball coach, he amassed 373 victories against only 130 losses over 17 seasons.

He won two state championships, two region championships, six district championships and four Cape Coast Conference titles.

When he left Merritt Island to become the athletic director at Cocoa High in 2000, he went to a school that had traditionally underachieved athletically.

Gradually, he built a sports power that under his direction saw the Tigers win four team state championships and seven individual state titles.

Chuck Goldfarb likes to take a well-planned chance, and those gutsy moves as Merritt Island High School’s baseball coach helped the Mustangs win consecutive Class 5A state baseball titles in 1999 and 2000. (For

Holy Trinity Serious About Sports

“You know what bringing Chuck Goldfarb to Holy Trinity does for us?” Paoletti said. “It brings us credibility. He becomes a lightning rod for us that tells people and tells parents and tells the local public school programs that we’re serious about sports.”

“This is a guy who’s made a name for himself. He has a history of building programs and facilities. ”

“He has nothing left to prove. He could’ve played golf. But instead he’s attaching his name to ours and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about that.”

BCC to Host Holy Trinity Home Games  

Currently, Holy Trinity is in discussions with Brevard Community College about playing upwards of 10-12 home games on the Titans’ field. It could be a win-win for the two schools.

It would allow Holy Trinity to benefit from BCC’s facilities, especially its lights.

For BCC, it would bring prospective future students and their families onto the community college’s campus.

Chuck and his wife, Marybeth.

As the baseball coach, Goldfarb will replace Tracy Biggs, who coached the baseball team for six seasons and now stays on at Holy Trinity as its diversity coordinator and junior high dean.

As the school’s associate athletic director, Goldfarb will assist Paoletti with his burgeoning duties.

“Getting Chuck to come and be our baseball coach was one thing, but getting him to also be our associate athletic director is an absolute bonus,” Paoletti said.

“I always try to get the cream of the crop for Holy Trinity. With Chuck Goldfarb, I couldn’t have done any better.”