PETER K: Negative Ions, Positive Results For Athletes

By  //  July 17, 2012


I was tired. Trying to fight off a headache, too. My wife and I had been on the road almost a month, driving across the country, down into Baja California, where we did some Christian ministry work in Mexico, then we visited friends in San Diego and Los Angeles and now we were driving to Las Vegas to spend a few days with friends there.

PETER K: "So many athletes I’m around wear something that produces negative ions, and this kind of stuff intrigues me." (Image for

All I wanted to do was sleep. But there was an outlet mall when we crossed the Nevada state line, and all my wife wanted to do was shop.

So we went inside. I headed for a bench to sit and wait, when a guy at a mall kiosk grabbed my attention. I wasn’t in the mood. But he was personable and he was pushing a product I was curious about.

Wristbands with negative ions.

So many athletes I’m around wear something that produces negative ions, and this kind of stuff intrigues me. I started wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch long before Oprah made it one of her favorite things. I have Nikken magnetic insoles. I have a far infrared home sauna. I have a few of those Phiten titanium products that are so popular with baseball players.

With each, I’ve seen a difference; felt a difference.

How about negative ions?

I chatted up the guy. Turns out he’s originally from Orlando, is a year older than me and spent most of his life running construction companies. Burned out, he moved to Las Vegas and fell in with someone selling products producing negative ions.

Mark Postle and Greg Cash, center, with NFL great Dick Butkus. (Image for

His name is Mark Postle, and he’s the founder and owner of Band4Life. Postle’s surname was originally Apostle, which was fitting because Mark started proselytizing about negative ions. I listened. I also later looked at his web site – – and it blows away any others selling negative ion bands and products. It’s by far the most informative about negative ions, with detailed explanations about why his product is the best out there. His company Facebook page shows NFL great Dick Butkus and MLB great Pete Rose wearing his products.

The general claims are that negative ions suppress the effects of electromagnetic fields, improve balance, strength, sleep, circulation and focus, and also reduce fatigue, along with a host of other things. At that moment, reducing fatigue was what interested me.

Mark Postle, though, wanted me to do a balance and strength test. I felt like an infomercial participant. He had me stand on one leg while he pushed down on an outstretched arm. I toppled almost immediately. Then we did the same test while holding a negative ion band. My balance and strength was dramatically better. Detractors say it’s the way the demonstrator pushes on your arm. Postle says that’s true … if you have an inferior product. He doesn’t. His bands are made from crushed tourmaline, which produces copious amounts of negative ions as well as alpha waves and far infrared rays.

Pete Rose holding the Band4Life. (Image for

The real test was my wife. I immediately noticed how unsteady she was just trying to stand on one leg, and it was nothing to topple her over. When she held the Band4Life energy band, she suddenly had perfect balance standing on one leg. Nobody had to lay a hand on her. The difference was already that dramatic.

For Postle, the difference snuck up on him.

After he relocated to Las Vegas, he reluctantly started selling negative ion bands for someone else to get some income going while he figured out what he really wanted to do. As a salesman, he was required to wear a band.

“Before that, I was tired all the time, just no energy,” he said. “About a week later, it hit me. I wasn’t tired anymore. My energy level was up. Even my sex drive was better. I thought to myself, ‘What the heck is going on? It must be the band.’ ”

He concluded that it was.

He also concluded that he wanted to start his own company selling negative ion products, which he has now done.

An avid weightlifter and workout enthusiast, Postle says that since he started wearing his own band, he’s shaved 20 minutes off his two-hour gym routine, simply because he has more energy and can train faster with shorter rest periods.

More importantly, he’s had person after person tell him that his products have taken away pain from arthritis and other inflammations. “People all the time are telling me, ‘My knee was hurting, it doesn’t hurt anymore.’ ‘My back was hurting, it doesn’t hurt anymore.’ ‘My shoulder was hurting, it doesn’t hurt anymore.’”

One guy at his gym, someone Postle suspects suffers from Parkinson’s or MS, came to him with tears in his eyes and hugged him, telling him that while wearing his band it was the first time he’d been able to last more than 20 minutes on a treadmill, and that he’d just walked for over an hour.

Those are the types of testimonials that now propel Postle to take his products into hospitals, hoping to help suffering people.

He gave my wife and me a couple of bands and bracelets. Did it make a difference? About an hour later, it struck me that I wasn’t tired anymore, and my headache was gone. And since then? Two months down the road, I wear the band day and night. What does that tell you?

At this point, you couldn’t pry it off my wrist.


  1. I’ve heard of neg ion generators which were touted for their benefits. I never got one, but spent a lot of time at the beach near and in the Atlantic Ocean. I always felt good after doing so. The neg ion touters say neg ions are in abundance there and I believe it.

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