ACTIVE Vitamin A Essential For Facial Skin Care Regimen

By  //  August 15, 2012

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Essentials Spa & Rejuvenation Center

Any truly effective facial skin care regimen must include ACTIVE vitamin A.

Although there are many products on the market with retinol (vitamin A) in them, many of the formulations, and/or the procedures/formulations recommended to deliver the vitamin A to the skin are ineffective, thus reducing or even eliminating the effect of this most important part of skin health.

MY NEW WAY OF THINKING “It is my belief that current medical treatments and skin rejuvenation is plagued by many flaws and deficiencies. There is a narrow approach that concentrates mainly on the disease and not the overall skin quality. We also see a more individualistic approach from skincare professionals who tend to recommend what they think is best for the patient, but it may be inadequate, inappropriate, or even harmful.” – Dr. Obagi

Many do not even have sufficient concentrations of the active agent to actually penetrate deep enough into the dermis to have the stimulatory effects on the keratinocytes (skin cells) to be of value.

As I learned from my skin health mentor, and truly the inventor of the concept of skin health, Dr. Zein Obagi, active Vitamin A, delivered effectively to the skin, will do more for skin health than any other product you can put on your skin.

Although the original skin care line developed by Dr. Obagi 25 years ago has become a world renowned brand due to its superiority to other brands, most individuals are not aware of the fact that Dr. Obagi is no longer with the company and no longer does research for them.

He has spent many years, and a lot new research to develop an entire new line of skin care products appropriately named ZO (Zein Obagi) Medical.


Dr. Obagi

At the Essentials Rejuvenation Center we attempt to promote skin health by accomplishing a number of things promoted by Dr. Obagi through his new line of skin care products, ZO Medical.

These Include:
• Restoring the normal balance of natural elements (water, lipids and protein) to the outer layer of the skin, also known as the stratum corneum.
• Increasing epidermal (skin surface above the deeper layers) thickness through the enhancement of skin exfoliation and mitosis (cell division) of the basal (lower) cell layer. NOTE: ACTIVE Vitamin A
• Improving circulation to enhance the delivery of water, vitamins, and minerals to restore normal cellular function.
• Arresting inflammation and preventing inflammation induced by sun and other internal/external elements
• Regulating and enhancing all cellular function need to vitalize skin
• Even color tone by control of overactive melanocytes (pigment cells) due to internal/external stimulation.
• Maintaining integrity of the pilo-sebaceous units (the oil glands in the skin) to get clean and small pores and thus prevent acne and similar inflammatory/infectious conditions.

These goals can be accomplished with an extensive line of scientifically designed products from ZO Medical. Come and see us at Essentials and ask our highly trained staff of skin experts about this amazing new line of skin care products direct from Dr. Zein Obagi himself.

Dr. Lesser

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Lesser, MD, is the Medical Director of Essentials Medi Spa & Salon, and is Brevard’s only physician to be certified by Dr. Zein Obagi as a Skin Health Restoration Specialist. His specialties include medical grade peels, injectables and advanced skin care. For more information log on to or call 321-722-2860.