Brevard County Will Replace Collapsed Culvert In Titusville

By  //  September 18, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – The director of public works for Brevard County says efforts to replace a collapsed metal culvert crossing the Addison Canal will begin next week.

Work to replace a collapsed metal culvert on Windover Way in Titusville will start next week and be completed in a month. (Image courtesy Brevard County Public Works)

It should take about a month to replace the culvert on Windover Way between Quail Trail and Canal Ridge Drive in Titusville.

Brevard County Public Works Director John Denninghoff said said the collapsed metal culvert, estimated between 20 to 30 years old, will be replaced with a concrete culvert that has a life expectancy of 50-plus years.

The project will cost an estimated $150,000, he said.

Windover Way crosses Addison Canal in unincorporated Titusville. The culvert caved under the weight of a Public Works mower just before noon on Monday. There were no injuries reported.

Both lanes of Windover Way at that location will remain closed until the project is completed.

All residents of Windover Titusville can still gain access to their property. Residents located on or south of Quail Trail (south of the road closure) can gain access using State Road 50 and Windover Way.

Traffic control signs will be installed to assist the motoring public.