Does the Word ‘Tolerance’ Really Exist In America?

By  //  September 20, 2012

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In the land of “tolerance” are we truly tolerant? Does the word tolerance really exist in our nation of liberty?

With the on-going battle of whether to eat Chick-fiL-A, or not to eat Chick- fil-A, the president of Chick-fil -A, Dan Cathy, used his individual right of freedom of speech.

Dan Cathy

I am 110 percent for gay marriage, but I am 200 percent for an individual to speak from his mind. Even though I disagree with Mr. Cathy, our national responsibility is to listen to his opinion without penalty. So far, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco want to ban a Chick-fil-A from their cities.

Since when did city governments start believing they had the right to tell us individuals of our great nation of what we can drink and eat in our cities? In my eyes, to ban Chick-fil-A is equally as bad as banning gay marriage in a number of our states.

Mr. Cathy’s beliefs about traditional marriage and the right to have gay marriage are both fundamental rights of Freedom of Speech.

In another case of government knowing what is best for us, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is attempting to ban sales of sugar-sweetened beverages over 16 ounces in my beloved city of New York. As individuals of this nation do we, do you, or do I want our government to tell us what we can drink and eat?

Do you want your city government, state government and national government to tell us that we can’t eat a Chick-fil-A sandwich because someone or you believe in traditional marriage? Does a New Yorker want a government to tell them how much of the “Dew” they can drink? I can understand these rules if we lived in Kabul. But we don’t, we live in the land of the free.

In the future when you plan to walk down Broadway and Chambers Street in the city where Lady Liberty stands, wouldn’t you want the right to hold a Big Gulp in your right hand, a Chick-fil-A sandwich in your left hand, and think to yourself this is why I am glad to be an American.

– Marcus Hochman

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  1. Update: Last week, the NYC Health Department in 6 months will place in a measure to stop the sales of soda drinks larger than 16 ounces.. This will effect NYC bodegas, restaurants, street vendors and movie theaters.

    According to the Associated Press this evening, Chick-Fil-A is trying to stay clear of social issues. Hmmm…now you say that.

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