Titusville High Allows Suspended Baseball Players To Rejoin Team

By  //  February 28, 2013

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Titusville High School has lifted its suspension of several players who published a video spoof of the “Harlem Shake” national dance phenomenon.

Following a meeting between player parents and the school board  THS permitted players to rejoin the team on March 4, with the following conditions:

  • Players must participate in an hour of community service, each school day until March 22,2013.
  • Players will attend all games in uniform beginning March 4th, but may not return to game-play until March 11th.
  • Additional responsibilities will include pre-gamefield preparation, post-game field clean up, and addittional conditioning after practice and games through March 22.
  • Players are required to work a fundraising concert on March 2nd.

Image courtesy of Heather Reynolds




  1. This is ridiculous. Better yet, let them get right back to their education today! The school officials who suspended them should be fired! Tax’s are paid paid for a reason, one is for these students to reap the benefits of education. What these students do outside of school should be little their concern unless its endangering themselves or others. They should NOT be doing community service, they broke absolutely NO laws. Those punishing them should be ashamed.

  2. Some of the players who were punished don’t even want to come back to the team after all this nonsense. No laws were broken, no property was torn up, nobody got hurt, real criminals have been dealt lesser punishments. People who act like they are holier than thou when they arn’t will eventually be exposed for what they are….Hypocrites !

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