Bisk College of Business Features Anjan Ghosal Aug. 30

By  //  August 27, 2013

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Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship through its Visiting Entrepreneur Program. Accomplished business leaders are brought to campus to share real-world knowledge, experience, and insights in starting and managing a successful business enterprise.Join us for inspiring talks on business development in our highly-competitive, global marketplace. You will become engaged in critical thinking about career goals and aspirations in entrepreneurship.

“Anatomy of an Acquisition and a Successful Exit”

Presented by
Anjan Ghosal

President and Chief Executive Officer, Diametriq; Founder and Former CEO of IntelliNet Technologies.

Friday, August 30, 2013 from 1–2 p.m.
Florida Tech Commons • Room 244

Seating is limited, if you would like to attend please send your
RSVP to Ms. Sharon Carnohan (


The market meltdown of 2008 created opportunities for entrepreneurs who were willing to take the chance. Azaire Networks, a VC backed startup in Silicon Valley, had been working on the idea of seamlessly moving data traffic between WiFi and Cellular networks. As data usage on mobile devices grew, this would be a great way to manage traffic. They had invested over $50M in developing the intellectual property and productizing the concept. However, being ahead of the times, they were fast running out of capital. Anjan stepped in and acquired them in 2008 against fierce competition from much larger suitors. In his presentation,

Anjan will talk about his journey of acquiring Azaire Networks, managing it through turbulent times and successfully selling the business to Ruckus Wireless generating a return of over 40X on the initial investment – all in a period of three years. Ruckus Wireless has since generated a market capitalization of over $1B in a public offering in 2012. Anjan decided to turn down an offer to move to the Valley and is building another startup right here in Brevard County.


Anjan Ghosal, President and Chief Executive Officer, launched Diametriq in 2012 building on the assets of IntelliNet Technologies. Anjan is the founder and CEO of IntelliNet Technologies – a leading edge provider of converged network solutions targeting the wireless industry. He led the company through years or rapid growth during the ‘golden age’ of telecom during the late 90′s and early 00′s winning the prestigious Inc. 500 award. He then successfully navigated the company through the tough environment to follow, maintaining industry leadership and continuing to deliver on leading edge technologies like Femtocell and wireless offload. In recognition of this effort, Anjan was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year (Florida) by Ernst and Young.

In 2008, IntelliNet acquired Azaire Networks, a developer and market leader of Wi-Fi data offload solutions. In 2011, IntelliNet spun off its data offload businesses including its Wi-Fi Offload Gateway and Femtocell Gateway. Anjan then founded Diametriq in 2012 which is focused on Diameter signaling solutions. In addition to CEO responsibilities, Anjan leads Sales and Marketing activities.

Anjan Ghosal has authored several industry white papers and is quoted extensively in industry publications. Anjan has a BS in Engineering from IIT in India and a MS in Computer Science from West Virginia University.