Tech Tuesday: Samsung Developing Bendable TV

By  //  January 7, 2014

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TV is Still Under Development

ABOVE VIDEO: Can’t decide between a curved TV or a flat one? Samsung has both covered with its new bendable display. Video courtesy of

At the international tech conference CES 2014, Samsung showcased a television featuring a screen that bends via remote control. Below is an excerpt from the tech blog,

The Samsung Bendable television, a mere 85 inches in width, is only a prototype unit. Samsung won’t say whether it is planning to manufacture such a thing, or how much it might cost. But the concept is pretty neat — the plastic frame, as well as the 4K resolution LCD screen itself, starts flat and curves inwards at the touch of a button.

Do you think the bendable screen is an effective tool to improve viewing, or a sales gimmick? Comment below.

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