Lifestyle Homes Participates In Historical Roundtable

By  //  February 8, 2014

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building technologically advanced homes

Sam Rashkin, the DOE’s chief architect, is the gentleman to the far left. The LifeStyle team is on the far right – Jordan Luhn, Larrry Hufford, Karen Hufford. The others included are national, regional, and local high-performance home builders from across the country. (Image for
Sam Rashkin, the DOE’s chief architect, far left, and the LifeStyle team at right includes Jordan Luhn, Larrry Hufford and Karen Hufford. Others participants included national, regional and local high-performance home builders from across the country. (Image for

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — Larry Hufford, co-founder of LifeStyle Homes, Inc., along with Jordan Luhn, CEO, and Karen Hufford, marketing director, recently returned from the first-ever U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Builder Roundtable in Denver, Colorado.

Larry Hufford
Larry Hufford

The two-day event took place January 27-28.

LifeStyle Homes, currently celebrating 30 years in business, was one of only 10 builders across the nation invited by the DOE to participate in this event.

“The two-day roundtable brought together innovative, forward-thinking home builders to share business and technical lessons learned relating to the construction of cost-effective, high- performance homes,” said Larry Hufford, co-founder of LifeStyle Homes, Inc.

“We were thrilled to be included in such an important event.”

Sam Rashkin, the DOE’s chief architect of the Building Technologies Office, summarized the gathering by saying: “A small contingent of our nation’s leading production builders is transforming our nation’s new housing industry to zero-energy-ready homes (ZERHs).

Sam Rashkin
Sam Rashkin

Where the rest of the industry is slow to embrace major innovations enabling this historic level of performance, this select group of builders have found business and technical solutions that enable them to effectively lead the market to high-performance homes so energy efficient, a small renewable energy system can offset most or all annual energy consumption.”

Each participating builder addressed their business decision-making process leading to the production of ZERHs, as well as business solutions, business metrics, technical solutions, cost and risk objectives, and challenges.


The group also delved into recommendations for engaging the rest of the housing industry to construct truly energy-efficient, high-performance homes.

“The LifeStyle team walked away from this summit with valuable ideas and knowledge that will help take our already highly energy-efficient homes to the next level,” said Larry Hufford.

“Our commitment to building technologically advanced homes for Space Coast residents is stronger than ever.”