By  //  February 17, 2014

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watch the fly-by AT 9 P.M.

ABOVE: Tonight, a near-Earth asteroid, 2000 EM26, with an estimated diameter of three football fields and traveling at approximately 27,000 mph, will come racing by Earth on its close approach.

The pass of 2000 EM26 comes almost exactly a year after an asteroid 30 metres in diameter exploded above Chelyabinsk in Russia, injuring more than 1,000 people.  This is a subtle reminder of the dangers of asteroid impacts just one year after two historic events took place on February 15, 2013

Now – while 0.018 AU (a standard Astronomical Unit, or the distance to the sun) might sound small, it’s actually pretty far, being more than 2.6 million kilometers.

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