Photo of The Day: Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building

By  //  April 2, 2014

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crawler-transporters undergoing modifications


ABOVE IMAGE: Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building, ground support technicians attach crane lines to the treads on the C truck of crawler-transporter 2, or CT-2, so they can be lifted up and away. The treads are being removed in order to gain access to remove the gear boxes. Work continues in high bay 2 to upgrade CT-2. The modifications are designed to ensure CT-2’s ability to transport launch vehicles currently in development, such as the agency’s Space Launch System, to the launch pad. The Ground Systems Development and Operations Program office at Kennedy is overseeing the upgrades. For more than 45 years the crawler-transporters were used to transport the mobile launcher platform and the Apollo-Saturn V rockets and, later, space shuttles to Launch Pads 39A and B.