Man Arrested After Battering Teacher

By  //  May 2, 2014

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Father Became Enraged After Request For Identification

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WEST MELBOURNE, FLORIDA — Ronald D. Brown Jr has been arrested following an altercation at Meadowlane Primary School, 2800 Wingate Blvd.


According to West Melbourne Lieutenant Richard Cordeau, Mr. Brown went to the school at dismissal time to pick up his children Thursday May 1, 2014 and approached the dismissal classroom, where Brown was greeted by a teacher who requested to see his identification to verify he was the child’s father.

Mr. Brown returned and presented his wife’s identification to the teacher. When the teacher advised him she needed his  identification, Mr. Brown became enraged. He became aggressive by screaming obscenities at the teacher, then forcefully braced his arms against his body and violently shoved the teacher out of the way. When Mr. Brown entered the classroom, he attempted several times to remove the child from the teacher’s hands.

Mr. Brown was eventually successful and he left the classroom with the child. As this was happening, Mr. Brown’s wife approached at which time they confirmed her identity.

Both of the couple’s children were released to the mother and all parties left the campus. Mr. Brown’s actions caused  the teacher to initially fear this incident may be a kidnapping attempt.