Rep. Corrine Brown: No VA Problems In Florida

By  //  May 30, 2014

Claims Florida VA Clinics Are Problem-Free

ABOVE VIDEO: Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL)  claims there are no problems with the VA in Florida.

Corrine Brown

WASHINGTON DC – During the House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing, Representative Corrine Brown (D – Jacksonville) declared that the Veterans Affairs programs in Florida don’t have any complaints associated with their services.

Despite multiple reports of treatment delays and other problems within the VA hospitals in Gainseville and Miami, Brown insisted that she hadn’t heard any complaints from patients in the Sunshine State.

“I can truly say I went and talked to various VA groups in Florida and not one single complaint, because we are doing our job,” Brown said.

“I did my reconnaissance in Florida. I can tell you, we’re doing fine in Florida. Under this president, when we had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, we got the largest VA increase in the budget in the history of the United states…Is there any additional information that you want to give me about the overall problems with the VA around the country? Because I know Florida is not included.”

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