YOUR VIEW: Frank Zilaitis Comments On Judge’s Ruling

By  //  July 12, 2014

ABOVE VIDEO: Frank Zilaitis, Republican candidate for Brevard County Commission District 4, talks about his platform at the Space Coast Conservative Coalition Forum and straw poll.

A Plea To My Fellow Republicans After the Ruling From Circuit Judge Terry Lewis Regarding Redistricting

My Fellow Republicans,

As much of the world is now seeing, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis issued a ruling (subject to appeal) that makes our Republican-majority legislature in Florida look pretty pathetic and, in my opinion, quite corrupt.

your-opinion-join-the-multimedia-political-discourseBecause actions such as those of the Florida Legislature against which Judge Lewis ruled have serious consequences, I implore you first NOT to lose hope in OUR Republican Party.

Instead, I implore you to study the candidates who are seeking your vote in the Aug. 26, 2014 Republican primaries and respectfully suggest you cast your vote for the candidates who have pledged to respect your time, talent and treasure as yours and yours alone and who are zealous advocates for free market capitalism.

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If you use these straightforward ethics and politics philosophical guidelines, you can draw comfort in finding and voting for a candidate who will be YOUR champion for liberty as it was envisioned by our founders and framers.

As a Republican candidate for County Commission District 4, here in Brevard County, Florida, I am deeply troubled by the fact that corruption and/or the appearance of corruption is rampant at all levels of Republican-controlled governmental bodies and political campaigns.

I want YOU, my fellow “rank and file” Republicans, to know that I am committed to continue my efforts to fight the good fight for liberty WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY notwithstanding the fact that such a fight is clearly an uphill battle WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Frank Zilaitis
Frank Zilaitis

On August 26, 2014, I respectfully request you go to the polls with the mindset that a vote for Frank Zilaitis is a vote for liberty.

We can get there from here! Let’s kick corruption to the curb once and for all and ride the freeway to the restoration of liberty beginning August 26, 2014!


Frank Zilaitis, Republican Candidate for Brevard County Commission, District 4