2014 SHARK WEEK TUESDAY: ‘Monster Hammerhead’

By  //  August 12, 2014

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ABOVE VIDEO: SHARK WEEK, television’s longest running must-see summer TV event, returned to Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 10. Building upon last year’s 11 shark-filled specials, a whopping 13 SHARK WEEK shows coupled with a live talk show each night gives this year’s SHARK WEEK the most premiere hours ever featured in the event’s 27-year history.


Shark Week

Tonight at 9/8c

8 p.m.: Monster Hammerhead: #ExtraSharky

9 p.m.: Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss

10 p.m.: Lair of The Mega Shark

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark LIVE (2014)

12 a.m.: Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss

1 a.m.: Lair of The Mega Shark

Monster Hammerhead explores a legendary hammerhead shark that has been patrolling Florida’s shores for the past 60 years. Now, a team of scientists and anglers look to explore the mystery and find out if the legend could be real.

Shark week monster hammerheadDr. Michael Domeier has spent years scouring the Pacific Ocean hoping to solve one of the greatest mysteries of shark science: the location of great white pupping grounds.

In 2013, he set the process in motion by successfully tagging a pregnant female shark that he called Gil Rakers. Now he’s returning to the sea in Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth to follow her journey and be the first to capture the birth of a baby great white shark.

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On Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss, Shark researchers investigate the ocean’s darkest depths in search of shark species that have never been seen before on camera and get a glimpse of the elusive Ghost Shark.

SHARK-WEEK-350-2Lair of the Mega Shark follows famed shark experts Jeff Kerr and Andy Casagrande head to New Zealand on a life-or-death mission to investigate the sightings of a 20 foot Great White that resembles the legend of a giant great white shark Maoris call the “lord of the sharks.” Jeff and Andy will risk everything to track down this Mega Shark believed to be lurking in the shadows of the New Zealand coast line.

SHARK WEEK’s late-night live talk show, Shark After Dark, will return. Host Josh Wolf will lead viewers through an hour-long celebration of all things shark-related, including celebrity guests and shark experts. The talk show will give viewers the opportunity to interact live on-air every night with tweets, questions to celebrity guests, and more.

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SHARK-WEEK-350-7Hawaii is thought of as an idyllic vacation destination, but recent spikes in shark attacks are turning these shores into a shark hot spot.

Hawaiian native and surf legend Kala Alexander knows these waters better than anyone, and he hopes to uncover the reason behind this sudden shark invasion in Sharkageddon