DGF ‘PASS’ Program Life Saver For Titusville Man

By  //  December 13, 2014

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Patient Advocacy Support Services

ABOVE VIDEO: The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation PASS Program has brought hope to the life of a young Titusville native, Aaron Dubovecky, who had been diagnosed with life threatening cancer.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Patient Advocacy  Support Services program, or “PASS,” has brought hope to the life of a young Titusville native, Aaron Dubovecky, who had been diagnosed with life threatening cancer.

Dobovecky, 27, a graduate of Astronaut High School and Eastern Florida State College, discovered a strange large lump under his arm.

DGF-LOGO-180He was advised to get a CT-Scan but could not afford the price and was denied coverage under the Medicare program because he did not meet the required criteria.

Dubovecky found out he was “in the doughnut hole,” where some Americans find themselves, through no fault of their own, unable to receive medical care through the government provided Medicare.

Dubovecky did not know where to turn, but fortunately, Barbara Carter of the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation PASS program found out about his situation.

The PASS initiative is to assist in the transfer and exchange of important information to help those in need.

Barbara Carter
Barbara Carter

“PASS is a new service from the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation to help those who need services navigate the healthcare system by connecting you to community resources,” said Carter.

The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation is a coalition of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health workers, hospitals, healthcare agencies and area businesses, who have joined together to improve the healthcare system by offering continuing education credits and a venue to lean about new and innovative products and services.

Aaron Dubovecky
Aaron Dubovecky

“I had given up,” said Dubovecky.

“I thought I couldn’t get help and was going to ignore the lump and take my chances.”

As it turns out, that could have been fatal.

However, thanks to Carter and the DGF’s PASS program, Dubovecky received a CT-Scan and biopsy surgery at Parrish Medical Center – and then radiation treatment at Shands Hospital for six weeks.

Today, Dubovecky is in good health and thanks his lucky stars that he found the Doctors Goodwill Foundation.

“For those who are out there who have a similar problem to me, don’t give up and keep looking for help, it’s out there.”