Local Resident Goes For Guinness Record

By  //  December 11, 2014

'This guy has awesome power'

BREVARD COUNTY • VIDEO, FLORIDA – Todd Erickson hits a softball a long, long way and Wednesday at Space Coast Stadium in Viera, he demonstrated his incredible God-given power and ability to hit the softball over 500 feet.

Erickson lives and works in Palm Bay, Florida and is a nutritionist at the Palm Bay GNC nutrition store. But his real passion is hitting the softball and he dedicates his five-times a week work outs to improving his bat speed and power.

“I love hitting the softball and am constantly working to improve myself,” said Erickson.

The people who were in attendance today at Space Coast Stadium were in “awe” as Erickson smashed ball after ball over the outfield fence, even over the scoreboard and beyond.

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His greatest hit of the day was his last one, smacked an estimated 530 feet, as it careened into the very top of the left-center field light tower, landing in the lake behind the stadium.

“That was awesome” said Orville Susong of The Friday Night Locker Room radio show. “This guy has awesome power.”