FPL Removes Palm Trees From Median In Cocoa Beach

By  //  January 21, 2015

TREES CAUSED power outages

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BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA – Florida Power and Light (FPL), is or will be, on North Banana River Boulevard  for the next few days as they remove palm trees from the median. (See map above)

Citizens may recall that power outages to several thousand residents of the Cocoa Beach have been caused in the past by fronds from these palms coming into contact with the high tension power lines along the right of way.

Once removed, replacement landscaping will be installed that is compatible with the adjoining utilities, and will not cause future outages.

FPL is covering the cost of removal, and the city is negotiating the cost of replacement.

For more information contact the City of Cocoa Beach Public Works at 321-868-3219 for more information.