Florida Has 44 Native Snake Species, Including 6 Venomous


Baby cottonmouth (venomous). (FWC Image)

Who ya gonna call about snakes?

Here in the Sunshine State, we have several species of resident snakes.


Finding a snake in your yard is not necessarily cause for alarm – people and native snakes have coexisted in Florida for a long time.

Based on calls to wildlife assistance biologists, one of the biggest things people want to know is if the snake in their yard is venomous.

It’s helpful to remember that out of Florida’s 44 native snake species, only 6 are venomous!

Most species are relatively harmless and all native snake species – whether venomous or not – play an important role in Florida’s ecosystem.

Snakes also benefit people by keeping rodent populations under control. For more about snakes, check out the photos!

What To Do:

What should you do if you come across a snake? Give it space! Snakes typically try to avoid encounters with people and will usually move away pretty quickly. Even a venomous species will typically pose no threat if left alone.